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How about an addition/change to the battle system?

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User Info: MaplesGrandGM

4 years ago#11
Servare posted...
MaplesGrandGM posted...
Or you could just be flamed for having the audacity to suggest such a ridiculous change to the battle system. Which actually makes sense, I mean, just cause you have an idea to change a battle system, doesn't make it a good idea. Getting flamed for a bad way of doing something, rather than just for the suggestion of doing something seems more likely.

The mere fact that you suggested you'd only be flamed for suggesting even changing the battle system at all, shows arrogance. Like you think your particular idea is so great, that clearly anyone bashing it, is only against change, and not your idea specifically.

Frankly, when you consider the fact that, in the games you mentioned, you're directly controlling the characters, but in Pokemon you're controlling the trainer that is barking out orders at the Pokemon, it makes sense that this system is not at all a part of the current battle system. Which is to say, your specific idea of how to change the battle system sucks, and in reality, you seek to change too little, and at the same time too much.

This isn't even considering the fact that with the current battling system, there's no real room for lag to screw you over in competition, where as adding this could change that. I just really don't think you thought your specific idea through. So you really had no room for the arrogance you showed in suggesting that people could only flame you for suggesting the battle system be changed, rather than flaming you for having a poorly thought out idea.

Almost, but not quite. I specifically stated that I did not think this would make the game better, though for me it would. The area of competition, you are still incorrect in that now personal skill has entered more into the fray instead a roll of the dice, in addition to proper pokemon building and breeding. And I actually have given it a little more thought than I put into the post, but you're blind arrogance doesn't allow you to see the possibilities of it success, but only it's failure. I am well aware of the faults, and I never stated it should happen or needs to happen. Also, my statement that to be flamed only on the premise of people not liking the idea was a stab at blind fanboi-ism with the mindset of "it's perfect and needs no changes", which you seem to be a part of.

Looking for discussion was my aim, instead, I got you. Sad day, but expected, considering.

Is there anyone willing to talk about it? Or just hate?

See, you only read the parts about me saying YOUR idea, sucked. I didn't say any change would be bad at all. I said your change would be bad, and was poorly thought out. Idc how much you may have thought about it outside of your post, your post suggested very little thought.

This is suggestive of "blind arrogance," whereas I've stated/done nothing that to be arrogant about in this topic. As I've delivered no ideas, and did not design the battle system, nor do I even take part in the competitive aspect of the game. Not to mention trying to use a term such as "fan-boy" to insult people, is rather pathetic, and suggests that you aren't even capable of an intelligent conversation to begin with.

Besides, to have an intelligent conversation based upon an idea, you must intelligently deliver the idea. No matter how well thought out it may have been, if your deliverance was as sub par as yours, you can't really expect to get anywhere.

Not to even mention that there's no room for such a gimmick in a meta where most tend to one or two hit each other, and where failing to do so is usually to do an ability that would out prevent taking any hits at all, or preventing all of your fresh hp from being eliminated. Adding in such a feature, would do nothing by itself, and that's where a better deliverance of your idea would help.
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