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You are trapped on a deserted island.

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User Info: Missingno_Mastr

4 years ago#1

Generate six Pokemon. Exclude legendaries.

Pokemon #1 is your only companion on the desolate island. How well do you get along?

Pokemon #2 washes up on the shore, dead, and is your only source of food outside of coconuts. How screwed are you?

Pokemon #3 is the reason you were shipwrecked in the first place. How did it sink the ship?

Pokemon #4 is entirely irrelevant to this unless it is Trubbish, in which case you are allowed to replace Pokemon #2 with a gourmet banquet that magically replenishes itself each and every day, and none of the food goes bad. This only applies if Pokemon #4 is Trubbish, not Pokemon 1-3 or 5-6. No, Garbodor is not close enough. How badly did wyncorporation screw you over here?

Pokemon #5 is what the island is shaped like. The portion of the island that is above land is approximately twice the size of the Pokemon. How much room do you have?

Pokemon #6 is what comes and saves you and your companion Pokemon from the island. How does it do this?

As for me... My companion is an Onix. I'm not entirely sure how well I'd get along with one of those. He'd probably be all jumpy due to being surrounded by water. A dead Teddiursa would be our only food source... I'd probably be too broken up at the sight of a dead Teddiursa to want to eat it. Onix would probably eat the whole thing in one gulp anyway. The ship was sunk because of a Snover. I could see that happening, actually, some kind of Bullet Seed mishap, or perhaps it used Ingrain, forgetting it was on a ship and not on dry land, and thereby punching holes in the hull with its roots. The Shedinja is irrelevant. The island is shaped like a Slowbro, and is approximately twice the size of one. That's... bad. Slowbro aren't that large, and I gotta share the island with a friggin' Onix. And a Shiftry saves us... I could see it whipping up winds to blow a sailboat in our direction... or perhaps help Onix to learn Dig so it could tunnel down, under the sea, and back up on the mainland.

Well, that was fun. Let's see how you guys do.

User Info: Thepenguinking2

4 years ago#2
My ally is a feraligatr. Nice, he can hunt well.
Dead aerodactyl. Ooh, fossil!
Staraptor wrecked my ship. He Close Combatted a hole into it.
Manetric is entirely irrelevent. I didn't like it anyway.
The island is the shape of a glalie. okay.
Charizard saves the day. He flies us away from the island.

User Info: fedartz

4 years ago#3
At least I have my Gogoat with me along with other Fairy type Pokemon
Pararin ririkaru parapora majikaru!

User Info: JustinTheJagged

4 years ago#4
Gothitelle is my companion. That could be.... interesting.
Meowth washes up on shore. He doesn't seem to have any meat on him at all.
Relicanth sunk my ship. Probably by slamming into it.
Stupid Rufflet.
The island is shaped like Deoxys (Defense).
And Ditto arrives to save the day.
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User Info: snuffles504

4 years ago#5
My companion is Charmander. Score! We get along fine.
A dead Espeon washes ashore...there's no way I'm going to even consider eating one of my favorite Pokemon, dead or not.
Friggin Floatzel sunk the ship. I've always hated that thing.
Vullaby is number four, and so is irrelevant. Good.
The island is the shape of a Piplup. Okay...but only twice the size of one? Yeesh. Someone save us, quick!
Shedinja drops in for the save, but I have no idea how. It's not strong enough to carry us, and doesn't have teleporting abilities. Maybe it "saves" us by sucking out our souls to put us out of our misery.
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User Info: Osranger

4 years ago#6
Seviper, my companion tries to kill me since the only food is a grimer so I kill it first. I am injured in the fight and the venom causes hallucinations that make me see only venonat, and for an hour and at the end of the vision you rise high above the island to see that it is the shape of a venomoth. I wake up back on the beach next to the dead seviper. I try to remember how I got here. I was in the cockpit at the time and I watched a rabid lilipup bite the captain's leg. The captain hit his head on a cabinet and was knocked out cold. I trapped the lilipup in the cabinet while I tried to regain control, but obviously, I failed. It's not like I could pilot the stupid thing anyway. Well after about a week, I see a Gloom, and decide to follow it, pointy stick in hand. I follow it and discovered that I was about half a mile away from a highway the entire time. Also I later learn that I successfully piloted the ship, but got drunk celebrating afterward so my friends left me on the beach. I learned this all after I was arrested for animal cruelty.

I got nearly all poison types. What is there, like 30? I'm trying again!
There will come soft rains, the winds of time will blow, the sun will set, and as we lie in our earthen beds, the world will move on.

User Info: Brandon00151

4 years ago#7
Drilbur is my companion

a Woobat washes up on the shore.

Smeargle Sketched surf and sunk the ship.

Aerodactyl is irrelevant

The Island is shaped like a Growlithe

Misdreavus to the rescue!

User Info: gamingrat

4 years ago#8
my compainion is a deoxys, we get along well. could probably take me home if it wanted to
my food is goldeen, im screwed
therian tornadous shipwrecked me, thats easy to see
4 is a wynut
my island is a gible, i dont even have a place to stand
i get saved by swampert
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User Info: DoctorJimmy133

4 years ago#9
My buddy is Slowbro. At least it's not annoying.
We have a Pansear to eat. That will last, what, a day or two :(
Mawile sunk my ship. Probably by chomping into something important.
Magneton is not Trubbish.
Petilil-shaped teeny-tiny island. Fortunately Slowbro can spend most of its time swimming around, leaving the island to me.
Ampharos saves us (or me, since Slowbro is only here out of loyalty and I don't have HM03) by arriving on the island at some point, then lighting up its tail to attract a ship :D
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User Info: NekoHime64

4 years ago#10
My companion is a Vaporeon, he rescued me from drowning.
My food is a Ludicolo. Not bad, it prolly tastes like water chestnuts and there is a lot of it.
The luxury cruise liner I was on sank because it was possessed by a Rotom >_<
Unown. Kay.
The island is shaped like a Palpitoad. Neat! Edit: Crap, no it's not. I guess Vaporeon would be in the water most of the time anyway.
A Dugtrio rescues us by digging an underwater tunnel to the island. YAY!
Unofficial Sneasel of anything ever.
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