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You are trapped on a deserted island.

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User Info: AceJay1230

4 years ago#21
Pokemon #1 - Hitmonlee - We get along pretty well and we have conversations about all the movies he's been in a lot.

Pokemon #2 - Golurk - How screwed am I? What do you think? -___- Why couldn't Magikarp wash up on shore, at least that'll make sense!!!!

Pokemon #3 - Blissey - Lo and behold! Damn thing poke a hole in the ship with her damn weight. I didn't try saving her, so she drowned :(

Pokemon #4 - Onix - Hey, at least I can finally ride down before I die.

Pokemon #5 - Combusken - Why couldn't I get this chicken washed up on shore as well? Damn you! Sadly, Onix just died :'(

Pokemon #6 - Seel - YES! Seel, use Surf! WOOHOO :D
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User Info: Jaricko

4 years ago#22
My companion is scraggy. Not bad I could see getting along with that awesome little guy. Hes pretty tough so he could defend me pretty well although not incredibly strong. A geodude washes up on shore dead... it came from the water so not a huge surprise what happened to it. Cannot really eat it, although I could probably hit things with it for food...
My ship was sunken by Banette.. A haunted toy pokemon. I could see some little girl bringing it on and it plotting our downfall. ( number 4 is blitzle so nothing there ) The island is shaped like a vigoroth... so sadly i am pretty cramped for space and a clefable came in to save me. It starts using metronome and.... it explodes! GAME OVER!

User Info: EmeraldRange

4 years ago#23
Pokemon #1 - Aggron - YEAH! My second favorite pokemon. I love WYNCORP!.

Pokemon #2 - Simisear - Well, I don't know this Gen 5 pokemon at all so I get somewhat a food source?

Pokemon #3 - Baltoy - Earthquake at sea and a tsunami destroyed thee.

Pokemon #4 - Azurill - Screw you Wyncorp.

Pokemon #5 - Nidoran m - WHY??? Why? Such a small creature. No doubt the island would have poisonous spikes everywhere. At least I can climb on Aggron and be immune to poison. I hate Wyncorp.

Pokemon #6 - Pidgeot - Flys around and saves us. And I don't know why I waited for Pidgeot to come especially since I could've surfed on Aggron.
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User Info: JackSolomon

4 years ago#24
My companion is an Axew. Not bad, small, doesn't take up much room, doesn't eat a whole lot. I get along pretty well with it.

My food is a dead Turtwig. Does he count as a vegetable or meat? Either way, I'll ration it out and give the majority to Axew. It's smaller and better suited to survival than I am. Not to mention if one of us dies, the other will most likely have to eat them for survival. Axew is of comparable size to Turtwig, and won't last me very long. Comparatively, if I go out first, scrawny as I am, I can still last Axew a while.

Dusknoir sunk the ship. Pirates tried to board the vessel, there were Pokemon battles. One of the pirates won and took a trainer hostage. Trainer's Dusknoir tried to save it by going invisible (Ghost Pokemon, remember?) and sneaking up on the pirate. Pirate got startled, killed the hostage. Dusknoir didn't take it well and went berserk, tearing the ship apart and devouring the souls of the pirates. Those Trainers with Water Pokemon capable of surf, got out of there rather than facing Dusknoir's wrath as the ship sank, leaving the rest of us to die. I passed out. I wake up, I'm on an island. Axew dragged me ashore.

Sandslash is irrelevant.

Island's about twice the size of a Scizor. Not very large, but could be worse. Since Axew is so small, I can take up the majority of the room.

And my savior is Bulbasaur. Used vine whip to lash a bunch of Tentacruel together as a makeshift raft, now it's going around looking for survivors. From what I can gather (seeing as how I don't speak Bulbasaur) it's looking for it's trainer, which it lost track of in the wreckage. Don't know what I should tell it: The truth, that I saw it's trainer sail off with the other Surf capable trainers? Or a lie, that it's trainer drowned rather than abandon it? Either way, I suppose that's a question for another day.

User Info: SoIldSnlvy

4 years ago#25
My only companion is Nidorina. Not too strong to overpower me in an argument, but seems reasonable. Blaziken is the only source of food, mmm chicken. Darmanitian wrecked the boat, probably fire punching it to sink. Vanillite is irrelevant. The island is in the shape of Simisage and Hydreigon saves the day, probably flying in and firing stuff like the badass he is.
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User Info: Devil_Chrome

4 years ago#26
Electivire - idk for sure..
Dewgong - not bad.
Magikarp - HOW?! I DON'T KNOW TOO!
Vileplume - irrelevant..
Munchlax - pretty small
Shelmet - let's me ride him till we get to an island with a city/village.
"Prepare yourself for an eternity in Hell."
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User Info: Sephirotht

4 years ago#27
My companion is a Masquerain, we won't be enemies nor best friends. Partners maybe.
A dead Mareep washed ashore, so it's at least eatable meat.
Nidorina wrecked the boat with menopause strength and any nearby Tentacool didn't matter at all.

The island is shaped like a Cubchoo, it's feel gooey and I'm pretty much standing on a pillar in the ocean. Good thing Masquerain can fly. A Spoink saves us by bouncing on all those non-mattering Tentacools towards dry land. (wait, wouldn't that make them matter?)
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User Info: LegendofDarkrai

4 years ago#29
Me and my friend Registeel have been here on the island for a while now...

One day a dead Haunter layed on the beach, no help there...

Anyway, me and Registeel came to this island after a Pidgeotto wrecked the ship.

A Gastrodon who swam by were no help

The island is shaped like a Watchog but twice the size, but it doesn't matter, I just sit on Registeel most of the time.

Anyway finally an Armaldo swam by and I captured it so I could go home.
Specter of shadows, Ruler of the darkened moon, Uncontrollable ~Darkrai

User Info: fedartz

4 years ago#30
LegendofDarkrai posted...

One day a dead Haunter layed on the beach, no help there...

Pararin ririkaru parapora majikaru!
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