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You are trapped on a deserted island.

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User Info: Xodiark

4 years ago#31
We both only had one pokemon left, my steelix vs. his golem. We both had a type advantage but golem was tired so I ordered an iron tail. Before steelix could use it, however, golem used earthquake.

That was the last I remember of the events on the cruise liner. Now I'm stuck here with steelix on an island roughly double the size of a darumaka. Luckily, steelix managed to dig the point of it's tail into what ground there was and rise up like a totem pole which I've been sat on. A dead treecko washed upon the shore earlier but had barely more than a mouthful of meat on.

I've seen silhouettes of various bird pokemon in the sky, but none have come close enough to catch. One dropped a sewaddle into the sea which promptly drowned.

I don't know what to do apart from wait now, rescue seems impossible. But wait..what's that in the distance? A bell? No - it's a bronzing and it's using gravity! we're saved and steelix has accomplished it's dream of flying!
I shall call him Squishy and he shall be mine and he shall be my Squishy

User Info: CakeOfLies

4 years ago#32
So my good buddy, Cuddles the Ferroseed, and I are stuck on Tepig island because Foongus doesn't have hands to steer the ship with. Because Cuddles and I couldn't find any Trubbish to eat, we ate a Scolipede that washed up on shore. It was crunchy and rather tangy.
Lo and behold, the Pokemon that saved us from the dreaded Tepig Island was Scizor, who used Fly, which someone hacked onto him when he was a Scyther, to come here and save us.
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User Info: Hydoom

4 years ago#33
My companion is... Lotad.
Well, at least he won't be a bad little companion.
We should get along fine.

My food is... Croconaw... ;A; Poor thing... I have a heafty chunk of good meat at least.

Luvdisc is the reason why I'm shipwrecked. ... ... I can't even comprehend how it destroyed the ship. Something happened, stuff exploded, game over, dude.


My island is shaped like Snorlax. The math behind this question is silly. As even Snorlax being twice the square-footage would be insanely small. Even if you mean to skin the Snorlax, and double the square footage of it's hide, you still would have a stupidly small area to be on. I'm essentially on a mound of dirt probably the size of a small house. If not smaller.

Yes! :D A water type with the strength to carry me and my Lotad buddy, who I'll likely name Wilson, will save me by carrying me to the next shore by surfing!

:D that was fun! I'mma do it again!

User Info: lanelazerbeam

4 years ago#34
Missingno_Mastr posted...

Pokemon #4 is entirely irrelevant to this unless it is Trubbish, in which case you are allowed to replace Pokemon #2 with a gourmet banquet that magically replenishes itself each and every day, and none of the food goes bad. This only applies if Pokemon #4 is Trubbish, not Pokemon 1-3 or 5-6. No, Garbodor is not close enough. How badly did wyncorporation screw you over here?


User Info: ZTIger5

4 years ago#35
1) Pikachu: Get along pretty well. Not famously best buds or anything, but well enough not to kill each other.

2) Gulpin: Very screwed...

3) Darmanitan: Went on a rampage from fear of the ocean and set the boat on fire.

4) Wailord: Dangit.

5) Mienfoo: I barely have any leg room...

6) Castform: Keeps the temperature cool while using weather to steer a passing cruise liner packed with bikini babes toward the island.
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User Info: Hydoom

4 years ago#36
My second attempt :D

My companion is.. Jolteon 83! Glee =3
I like Jolteon :3!

My food is... Simipour. ... Well shoot. I don't get much meat T.T...

My shipwrecker is... Dunsparce?! o_o He probably drill-run'd the engine! ... Or Glared it to seize it up, and then headbutted constantly to cause it to flinch and then explode! D8 THE TURD.
... Or he coulda just drill ran through the hull. flooding the ship. WAY TO GO, DUNSPARCE.

Machop is irrelevant! :D!

My Island is shaped like qwilfish, and is twice it's size. I SLEEP WITH MY FEET IN WATER EVERY DAY. My lone coconut tree takes up half the island already T.T... Best I can hope for is that the shallows around the qwilfish actually reach far, so I'd actually have some walking room.

YAY :D More Water Type'd Rescue!
:< Though it wouldn't appreciate Jolteon.
:D Surfing away!

User Info: Defender31415

4 years ago#37
Missingno_Mastr posted...

Generate six Pokemon. Exclude legendaries.

Pokemon #1 is your only companion on the desolate island. How well do you get along?

Pokemon #2 washes up on the shore, dead, and is your only source of food outside of coconuts. How screwed are you?

Pokemon #3 is the reason you were shipwrecked in the first place. How did it sink the ship?

Pokemon #4 is entirely irrelevant to this unless it is Trubbish, in which case you are allowed to replace Pokemon #2 with a gourmet banquet that magically replenishes itself each and every day, and none of the food goes bad. This only applies if Pokemon #4 is Trubbish, not Pokemon 1-3 or 5-6. No, Garbodor is not close enough. How badly did wyncorporation screw you over here?

Pokemon #5 is what the island is shaped like. The portion of the island that is above land is approximately twice the size of the Pokemon. How much room do you have?

Pokemon #6 is what comes and saves you and your companion Pokemon from the island. How does it do this?

As for me... My companion is an Onix. I'm not entirely sure how well I'd get along with one of those. He'd probably be all jumpy due to being surrounded by water. A dead Teddiursa would be our only food source... I'd probably be too broken up at the sight of a dead Teddiursa to want to eat it. Onix would probably eat the whole thing in one gulp anyway. The ship was sunk because of a Snover. I could see that happening, actually, some kind of Bullet Seed mishap, or perhaps it used Ingrain, forgetting it was on a ship and not on dry land, and thereby punching holes in the hull with its roots. The Shedinja is irrelevant. The island is shaped like a Slowbro, and is approximately twice the size of one. That's... bad. Slowbro aren't that large, and I gotta share the island with a friggin' Onix. And a Shiftry saves us... I could see it whipping up winds to blow a sailboat in our direction... or perhaps help Onix to learn Dig so it could tunnel down, under the sea, and back up on the mainland.

Well, that was fun. Let's see how you guys do.

OK. Wow. First, this concept is AWESOME. Now, to generate.

Pokemon 1: Meganium. I'd get along well with it.
Pokemon 2: Medicham. Not much to eat. But Meganium can photosynthesize, so that's no problem.
Pokemon 3: Tyranitar: I could totally see this. When it rampages, it levels stinkin' MOUNTAINS. It would tear apart a ship, or just Hyper Beam it to bits.
Pokemon 4: Patrat... well, those things are already irrelevant, so no problem.
Pokemon 5: Watchog. Not a very big island.
Pokemon 6: Rescued by a... Teddiursa? How on earth?
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User Info: Ultima546

4 years ago#38
My companion is a Gigalith... Seems cuddly, I guess.

A Sentret washes ashore. Not much food. :/

Machop sank the cruise liner with his fists. He punched a hole in the hull training.

Mantine is irrelevant, like always.

The island is twice the size of a Taillow... Yikes. That's okay, I can just sit on top of Gigalith.

And... Kabuto comes by and saves us somehow. Maybe I stand on his shell as he swims away?
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User Info: Hydoom

4 years ago#39
I like this too much. I NEED MORE FUN.
This time goes with a story!

Me and my... pal... Silcoon... Okay, really, he's just stuck to me. I haven't been able to peel his sticky self off of me! ... We were stuck on a meager wooden ship that was captained by some old fart with a rather uninteresting Palpitoad, and a rather meaty Slaking.

THEN SUDDENLY. Shedinja comes out of the old fart Captain's pokeball. He proceeds to attack the ship with his body. Somehow he was scratching at stuff; but... How? He's a shell... Science be damned.
The Shedinja tears the ship appart with his unrealistic attacks...

Shipwrecked, I try to swim to a speck of land I saw in the distance, sadly with Silcoon still stuck to me. I suddenly realize I'm actually WAY CLOSER to land than previously thought, as I come to a tiny spec of island that's apparently shaped like a Fearow. Well, with Silcoon stuck to me, I'll have the islant to myself.. kinda.

The old fart captan was gone though, same for the Palpitoad... But... The meaty Slaking that was with him washed up on shore, dead. Well. I get all the meat, I guess, since Silcoon can't exactly eat without a mouth, and there's A LOT of meat on Slaking.

Sadly I'm still stuck without water... Sea water is toxic and all...
But... wait a minute... A Lapras! I see it! Lapras is coming to save me! I have a rescue! And... the Palpitoad was riding it. No old man in sight though, So I won't get in trouble for eating the Slaking.
We sail away!
... Sadly Silcoon was still stuck to me after the events. Eventually it evolved into Beautifly, and it's been with me ever since. Dunno why though. I don't own the butterfly. T.T He just won't leave me!

User Info: alpha-ape

4 years ago#40
Buddy is Excadrill. I'm sure I can get along with it.
A dead Steelix washes on shore. Such a huge creature, only problem is that it's made out of inedible stuff.
Machoke sunk the ship. I guess all his training stuff was too heavy?
Combusken is irrelevant
The island is shaped like Togekiss. I don't have much room here...
But then, Venipede comes along and saves me! I don't know how he even did that, but he did it.
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