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You are trapped on a deserted island.

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User Info: Binba442

4 years ago#51
1. Omastar
2. Simisage
3. Croagunk
4. Staraptor
5. Bisharp
6. Shedninja

Omastar. Well... He looks tasty, but I guess we can get on Ok.
Simisage? Might as well eat leaves.
Croagunk sunk the ship by spitting acid on the engine.
Staraptor? Eh, I'd liked him as a friend
Bisharp? Pretty small :/
Shedninja saves us by it's awesome shell.
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User Info: invaderofdark

4 years ago#52
No I'm not.
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User Info: smokinace829

4 years ago#53
Pokemon #1: Kingdra loves me because I push it into the sea and it lives with me.

Pokemon #2: I was never fond of Krokorok to begin with. So. I guess crocodile for me and kingdra.

Pokemon #3: Fraxure used outrage and destroyed the ship. He seem pretty angry once he fractured his arm.

Pokemon #4: Just as bad as anyone else who didn't get get trubbish? Vigoroth could have become a slaking and just become a total lazy douche I guess.

Pokemon #5: Rampardos... I don't know how big is it. But I guess the island will be about the size of a Rampardos times two?

Pokemon # 6: I got a Tropius . It saves us by flying to the island while feeding myself and Kingdra bananas that grow from its neck.
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User Info: tminus31

4 years ago#54
1. Vanillish... useful if I get hungry I would think

2. Elektrike, less screwed were my companion not a better food source

3. F****** Tranquil and its f****** Detect

4. Vanilite.. fancy that

5. Swanna, enough room considering Vanillish can float (and will later get eaten :D)

6. Beldum, mysterious Psychicness
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User Info: tamayamawuv

4 years ago#55
I got Trubbish as #5, dammit T_____T

1) #286 - Breloom : Yay, Breloom! We'd get along well.
2) #90 - Shellder : I hate seafood, but it'll do.
3) #386 - Deoxys (Speed) : Yeah, it basically flew through my ship.
4) #480 - Uxie : Irrelevant.
5) #568 - Trubbish : Really tiny island...
6) #252 - Treecko : I guess it uses its tree climbing skills to get me food and somehow helps me build a new boat?

User Info: SymphonicGlory

4 years ago#56
My trusty companion is a Kabuto, which is awesome since it was and still is one of my favorites.

There is a dead Shelgon on the shore. Not really sure where it came from, but I imagine it tried to fly and died after hitting the water pretty hard. No idea if it's even edible but we'll see how that goes.

A Gothita is what sank the ship. No idea on how it accomplished such a feat but I'll chock it up to Psychic powers gone wrong. Maybe it got really seasick or something...

Sadly Ampharos is entirely useless. Would have been great to signal for help or even zap little fish for food.

The island is shaped like a Mamoswine and roughly twice the size so it's a bit tight but doable.

And....Drifloon is the one who comes to save me and Kabuto... Well pretty sure it can't lift both us, especially me. I don't think I would want it to either since well, you know spiriting away kids and such. Maybe it could evolve into a Drifblim and not steal us away to the afterlife.

User Info: Aristomacho

4 years ago#57
.Pokemon #1 is Shelgon: I WILL make sure that we get along so that when it evolves I can finally escape.

Pokemon #2 is Sharpedo: Oh, I like seafood :D

Pokemon #3 is Yamask: It probably used Will-O-Wisp to burn it down or something. Darn you.

Pokemon #4 is Combusken: That sucks. I thought Combusken would be a good Pokemon to eat?

Pokemon #5 is Mr. Mime: O__O I will have to try to stay on the "torso" region of the island.

Pokemon #6 is Elekid: What can Elekid do? I think we are screwed unless Shelgon evolves.

User Info: RJLuigi

4 years ago#58
My companion is a Snover. I have never really liked snovers but I'll go with it.
A Skiploom washes up dead. This is a shame because I dislike vegetables.
A Bayleaf is the reason I am shipwrecked because it used leaf storm.
Brongzong is irrelevant. I don't like Brongzong anyway.
The island is shaped like a Skitty which is a tiny Pokémon anyway so we have literally no room.
A Luvdisk comes to save the day by shooting bubbles which Snover then freezes with an ice beam. We can ride the frozen bubbles like a raft to shore.

User Info: AuthorNumber2

4 years ago#59
Pokemon #1 : Nidoking. I honestly don't know.

Pokemon #2 : Slowking. Nomnomnom.

Pokemon #3 : Mankey. It punched/kicked a hole ine the side?

Pokemon #4 : Dragonair. Its pretty?

Pokemon #5 : Shiny Deerling. Being shiny doesn't help that as far as above water land, I'm screwed. At least Dragonair can surf.

Pokemon #6 : Skorupi. We surf on Dragonair. Nidoking...I don't know how it comes with us. Use what's left of Slowking and Mankey as a makeshift raft for it?

User Info: wind64a

4 years ago#60
Ratticate, seems annoying.

Duosion, probably could use it as gelatin to help flavor the coconuts.

Darn Zubat hoard and their supersonic!

4. Lotad is somehow irrelevant, in spite of being a living ferry.

Nosepass, pretty small.

Lunatone lifts us off the island with Psychic and, with surprising speed, levitates us all the way to shore.
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