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Recently got a 3ds, have White coming soon. Looking forward to X.

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User Info: universaltofu

4 years ago#1
Wondering about what to play after going through White.

I missed platinum, but it's like 60+ on amazon, would be down for Soul Silver but same deal, and I
don't know if I want to play White 2 after or switch it up and go for Black 2 (rec's either way would be appreciated).

Also, anyone else done this over the years :

My first game was blue,
from there I went to gold, then sapphire, then diamond, and now I have white coming, in between these I played yellow, crystal, and fire red. So I guess has anyone done that, or the reverse and gone Red>Silver>Ruby>Pearl>Black>Y, or just all column A/B, or something less weird like just having a preference :p
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User Info: Peachrules14

4 years ago#2
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User Info: javel34

4 years ago#3
You can get both games for $60 together at Walmart >_>
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User Info: P0k3m0nWaRR10R8

4 years ago#4
Chronologically, people who played White should play White 2 for a continued story (not going to spoil how the story is different between, just that it is), but either of the two sequels is a great game which is filled with post-game content and old pokemon that you can use if you didn't like that the originals limited you to only Gen V pokemon
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User Info: AceJay1230

4 years ago#5
Haha dude, my first ever Pokemon game was Blue as well. Then, went on to play Gold, then, Sapphire and pretty much skipped the whole 4th gen. Came back again when they announced HG/SS and got SS. Then White, White 2 and finally decided to pick up Platinum.
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User Info: Hydra_Gundam_

4 years ago#6

Ha, thats the order I did. But Im doing the same, but I went right for Black 2. Since the first ones seemed pointless.

And I just got Soulsilver. Its kinda pricey but it was pretty cool. However, I cant devote all my time on previous gens since everything is transferred to the new ones. So, older gens are great for a playthrough or nostalgia but not a commitment. Imo.
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User Info: Enferolunos

4 years ago#7
Are you asking for pokemon games or 3DS games?
Because if you're asking about 3DS games:
Kid Icarus Uprising (I understand if you're skeptical, but it's pretty fun, and the dialogue alone makes the game worth it)
KH3D (If you like KH, of course)
Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon ('nuff said)
Animal Crossing: New Leaf (Also, 'nuff said)
And the Oracle games just came out on VC
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User Info: universaltofu

4 years ago#8
Yeah I was considering going straight to White 2, but as above poster mentioned the story carries over, and I suppose I want to see how that all goes. I don't think I'd be lost or anything, but want to appreciate any 'oh it's the guy who did the thing with the hair' moments so I did what I did.
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User Info: universaltofu

4 years ago#9
Thanks enfer, I welcome any 3ds rec's as well,

I have Fire Emblem, Paper Mario, and Super Mario 3d land,
I did get the oracle games once I set up the wifi, and a couple other download titles,
I already wish listed all you mentioned and then some, looking at Mario Kart or Kid Icarus (from what I understand the only problem with this game is the learning curve for the controls) next.
Looking forward to a few other games, hope Smash turns out well.
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User Info: patsfan2312

4 years ago#10
If we are talking about just pokemon games, then get white 2. If you just got your 3ds, then I would recommend getting the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3d for it. Especially if you have never play the original for N64.
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