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Will their type change? ~*~*~*~Fairy ~*~*~*~ Blissey

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User Info: Michaeloll

4 years ago#1
Do you think the above Pokemon's type will change? - Results (48 votes)
Yes, Blissey will give up normal type and become full Fairy type.
22.92% (11 votes)
Yes, Blissey will be half fairy half normal type.
60.42% (29 votes)
No, Blissey's type will remain unchanged.
16.67% (8 votes)
This poll is now closed.
After a month of down time, we are back! And with some bad news! The majority of GameFAQs users were wrong, thinking Gardevoir would not change its type!!!

Today we have Blissey the happy pokemon!!

She/he is normally normal type!!

You can nominate once for tomorrow's pokemon.

Whismur x1
Kirlia x1
Meloetta Aria x1
Dunsparce x1
Jirachi x1
Grimer x1
Togetic x1
Togekiss x1

Chance the below pokemon will turn part or full fairy type..
-Mawile 70% chance
-Liligant 43.33% chance
-Gardevoir 29.41% chance [Boy, were you guys WRONG!]

User Info: LightningAce11

4 years ago#2
Please no. Hydreigon will get bumped down to uu. Draco meteor will now do nothing.
Pokemon X and Y female MC is my waifu
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