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Think of a non Pokemon Video game character

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User Info: GarohAdept

4 years ago#21
Marisa Kirisame

Hmm, I'm thinking specializing mainly in electric type.

Rotom-H (as she also uses some heat magic)
Gothitelle (loli style)
Mismagius (similar look)
Whatever Helioptile evolves to. (normal type- ordinary mage.)
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User Info: wind64a

4 years ago#22
Riku from Kingdom Hearts, older version of him mind you.
A theme of mostly Dark types, because he learns to control and accept his darkness and a couple others for separate aspects of him or references to abilities or spells he has used. Mind you Gallade is representative of one of his weapons.

Bisharp (Dark Splicer)
Gallade (Way to Dawn keyblade)
Houndoom (Dark Firega)
Spiritomb (Dark Barrier)
Lucario (Dark Aura)
Walrein (Link with a Water based Dream Eater)
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User Info: PsychoWolfX

4 years ago#23
Dante. The REAL Dante from Devil May Cry 1,2,3,4. Not the Dante from the terrible new DMC game.


I couldn't think of a 6th Pokemon -_-''

User Info: CakeOfLies

4 years ago#24
Vaati (LoZ: The Minish Cap).
He'd use Dark and Psychic types.
This would be his battle theme:

Or maybe this would:
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User Info: ZeroGravity38

4 years ago#25
Magmortar (Flameman)
Electivire (Sparkman)
Shiftry (Woodsman)
Machamp (Gutsman)
Sandslash (Slashman)
Bisharp (Metalman)

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User Info: TheCorruptAngel

4 years ago#26
Big Boss!

- Tyranitar (Based off Godzilla, which came from nuclear war)
- Lucario (CQC)
- Honchkrow (Ocelot)
- Dunsparce (The Tsuchinoko)
- Seviper (Snake)
- Zoroark
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User Info: fedartz

4 years ago#27
Justin Bieber

theme: Pokemon Musical

Pararin ririkaru parapora majikaru!

User Info: sonicfanaticjtb

4 years ago#28
Maya Fey

Psychic/Ghost theme.


Before battle theme

During battle theme (I wanted to use a cornered theme from the original trilogy, but I think this theme would best fit a pokémon battle )

After battle theme

Before battle Dialogue

"Heh... Never expected me to be here, did you? I've been a fan of pokémon almost as long as the Steel Samurai. Maybe even longer! But not even I thought I had it in me to be the best that ever was! I guess when I fangirl over something, I really fangirl over it! Well, Kiddo... This is it. Are you ready?"

After you attack one of her pokémon

"W-Whoa! I didn't expect that!"

When she's down to her last pokémon

"This is it! Time for our patented 'Steel Samurai Maya Smelting' Attack!"

After her last pokémon is beaten

"Steel Samurai Sushi Slice! ... Oops, it's over already, isn't it? Heh... Guess Nick was right about limiting yourself to certain kinds of Pokémon, huh? Um... Sorry for hitting you in the head like that... Guess I got a bit overly excited back there..."

After battle dialogue

"Wow. That was an incredibly fun battle! I'm a bit upset that it's all over... But you know what? You're awesome. Never have I had such an intense battle. You defeating me just goes to show that I've got a lot to learn, Huh? When I became champion... The previous champion told me this. Every generation of trainers are stronger then the last. He was once the best trainer of his generation. Now? Him being dethroned means that he has become the weakest. He said that this was do to him assuming that his adventure was finally over. Once he became champion, he ceased to grow as a trainer. I think I did too..."

"I guess what I'm trying to say, is don't stop traveling and becoming stronger. To get this far, you had to get past the toughest trainers the region has to offer... But there are even stronger trainers out there just waiting to take your spot as champion... But enough philosophical stuff! Today's a day of celebration! Enter your pokémon into the hall of fame so that you and your pokémon can look back at all the great things you guys have accomplished! Go ahead, you guys totally deserve it!"

... And this, kids, is the kind of thing I get to spend all day at work thinking 'bout XD
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User Info: PheonixFFire7

4 years ago#29
The fact that I don't recognize half the names in this topic makes me realize I haven't played many games in a long time.

User Info: Noble-Heart

4 years ago#30
Origin: Disgaea

Theme: Otaku with a hint of love

Bisharp ( kamen Rider)
Tyranitar (Godzilla)
Hydreigon (king ghidorah)
Meloetta ( Hatsune Miku)

Extra: Empoleon with explosion (prinny)

Music theme: "Tasty ☆ Magic"
Rematch: "The Great Wild"

Before battle Dialogue

"Nice to meet you. I'm an assassin"

When she's down to her last pokémon

"Love, give me strength!"

If she wins

Hmmm, that's odd. Isn't the hero supposed to win?

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