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How manu legendaries will Kalos have?

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User Info: snuffles504

4 years ago#11
X, Y, Z, a new trio/duo, and a hidden standalone.

Discounting Newtwo, I'm hoping for 6-7.
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User Info: Ultima546

4 years ago#12
Trends say that there should be 12-15.
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User Info: gamester_12345

4 years ago#13
the roster of legends grew with each generation's gimmick....

Gen 1 had
• the basic trio. (birds)
• an endgame
• and an (event) cute legend.

Gen 2 had
• another trio. (Cats)
• a duo which one is retrofitted as the leader of the previous gen's trio, the other of the duo is the leader of gen 2's trio in some respects.
• and another cute event.

Gen 3 had
• a trio with no master (regis)
• a duo with a master. (Groudon, Kyogre, Rayquaza)
• A duo with no relevance to the plot (Lati@s)
• and 2 event legends, one of which is cute. (Deoxys, Jirachi)

Gen 4 had a
• Lesser Trio,
• a Box Legend Trio, one of which could change formes.
• a singular legend that is the leader of the regis (similar to how Lugia is leader of Gen1's trio)
• A Non-sequitur legend (Heatran)
• A Duo, one of which is event-only. (Cresslia, Darkrai)
• A Cute legend, that can Breed into a lesser-type of legend, only avaiable from spinoffs. (Manaphy, Phione)
• A cute Legend...that eventually could change Forme (Shaymin)
• A Tough Legend (Arceus, Deoxys being the first Tough-typed legend)

Gen 5
• A Trio.
• A Duo with a Master that can only be caught if you have the other 2 (1 is in one version, one in the other, Landorus is the leader)
• Box art trio (Kyurem could FUSE with one of them to change forme in BW2)
• a Cute Legend that could change forme before bw2 came out.
• a Cute Legend before the starters.
• A Cute Legend that can change forme, also connected to the Musketeer trio.
• A tough legend (Genesect), that has aspects of a Forme, but with no difference in weaknesses, just affecting the type of it's Signiture Move.

* Normally, i judge a Cute legend anything that's tiny and has either 600 total stats, or 600 across the board, Shaymin started the trend of alternate formes, but it wasn't until Meloetta that it became a standard trait. (judging how it could change forme in BW and BW2, but Keldeo could only change in BW2)

I think there might just be....

• A trio (Xerneas, Yvetyl, the Z legend...maybe a Wolf or Fish?)
• A duo, one Male-Only, one Female-only, unofficially a trio with the resulting baby as a new species.
• A duo with a master...of Man-made origins; both Birds; one Ground/Fire the other Flying/Rock, leader being Fairy/Flying with aspects of mechanical plant-life. (yes, referencing the Flinches of Charles Darwin)
• the Cute Legend.
• A secondary cute legend, probably saved for a movie.
• A pure fairy legend? could just be another cute legend.
• Mewtwo may or may not have resulted in taking up the Tough Legendary's forme-changing spot....
• compensate, Genesect can evolve into one of two pokemon, it's one-way only, however the evolutions can evolve into each over, possibly influenced by Mewtwo?, mechanically they're treated as Formes so people can't have 3 Genesect in a team.

14 or 13 or 12 for gen 6. (if counting Genesect's theoretical split evo as unique Pokemon, and if the Baby of a duo is like the Phione Situation? nor counting Mewtwo's new forme)

EDIT: Is it possible that they may stretch the Genesect plot out? there's 5 of them, could be a small chance that if they ever turned "natural" maybe the 4 would evolve into a natural-yet-augmented-by-technology elemental-themed bugs, whereas the Leader might evolve into it's natural forme, but explicitly mentioned NOT to be the original untampered Genesect?
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User Info: fedartz

4 years ago#14
snuffles504 posted...
W, X, Y, Z, a new trio/duo, and a hidden standalone.

Discounting Newtwo, I'm hoping for 6-7.

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