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Just an idea, but...

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User Info: Mr_Ice_Pickle

4 years ago#1
What if this could happen:

The player character is only allowed to carry six Pokemon, like in the previous generations, but stronger trainers you encounter (probably during the post-game, though it could be the champion) have up to seven Pokemon. I'm not sure if that would be unfair or fun, but I just need some general feedback on this idea.

User Info: deevo117

4 years ago#2
I mean is there really a reason for another pokemon slot on either side? We're so used to 6 mons, and there are rarely any trainers with all 6 spots taken up anyway.

I honestly think if they just amp up the difficulty of the game a little bit, it'd be better than trying to add any gimmicks to opposing trainers or anything.

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User Info: Enferolunos

4 years ago#3
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User Info: NewbieN00b

4 years ago#4
Or... give them stronger pokemon :E
Give me all teh FE D':

User Info: fedartz

4 years ago#5
That's cheating!!! Its like throwing pokeball at some trainer's pokemon. Its totally unfair.
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