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Opinions on the new Pokemon thus far.

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User Info: Monkins42

4 years ago#1
Chespin - I'm really excited for this guy, and if I hadn't settled with Froakie already, I'd use this guy, I but his evolutions will be cool, and Its awesome to see a non reptile grass starter.

Fennekin - Adorable, probably going to have cool evolutions, but out of the three starters is my least favorite, it is still a good design though.

Froakie - Possibly my favorite water starter to date. And this will be the first time I use a water starter on my first play through. Going to be on my main team for sure.

Sylveon - I like Sylveon, I probably won't have one on my team though. I think its design is pretty neat and I always love to see more eevee evolutions.

Pancham - I like that Pancham is different from most other fighting types in that its a little animal rather than some sort of little human/muscly creature. I feel like its evolution could be really cool.

Fletchling/Talonflame - Some of the coolest designed birds yet, and I'm digging the fire typing. I'm at a loss of being able to take Litleo, or Talonflame as my fire type.

Gogoat - Really cool design, and as of right now will be the grass type I will be using. I'm pumped to ride it around and stuff.

Helioptile - I love this Pokemon so much already, and will have a spot on my team for sure.

Scatterbug/Spewpa/Vivillon - I really like these bugs, and I'm crossing my fingers they get decent and usable stats (please please please)

Noivern - I don't even need to explain how cool this pokemon is. All I can say is that I hope it's pre-evolutions are made available early so I can start training one asap.

Clauncher - As with all pokemon games, there are way too many water pokemon that I love the designs of, and it will be tough not to swap out my Froakie for one of these cool guys.

Skrelp - Same as with Clauncher. I'm already imagining doing a mono-type water run through this game (water/flying pokemon with access to fly please)

Litleo - I love this guy, and if he evolves into some awesome fire lion/manticore, he will have a solid spot on my team.

Flabebe - Cute, I love the idea of it always holding a flower. I will probably just catch one and box it.

Xerneas/Yveltal - Some of the coolest box legendaries yet. I'm pumped to see their typing.

Mewtwo's new form - Pretty cool, I wish it was a Mewthree all together though. Regardless, I'm excited to see its stats and what makes it unique
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User Info: iKhanic

4 years ago#2
This is turning out to be the best gen in terms of design since Gen 3.
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User Info: P0k3m0nWaRR10R8

4 years ago#3
iKhanic posted...
This is turning out to be the best gen in terms of design since Gen 3.

And just imagine if after XY we get Gen III remakes? Favorite gen solidification right there.
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User Info: NeoToastDX

4 years ago#4
All of them except Fennekin are pretty cool.
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User Info: Cenedarprime

4 years ago#5
Chespin/Fennekin/Froakie: Strong group of starters this gen! Haven't liked starter design this much since gen 4. Definitely will be using Froakie for a first run, though my wife and brother will be getting this too so I may end up getting eggs for the other two.

Awakened Mewtwo: Im glad the original uber Pokemon is making a comeback. And who knows, a new form could make him relevant enough for Smash Bros again! Definitely digging the design, though it had to grow on me.

Sylveon: What better way to introduce a new type an with an Eevee evolution. Hilarious that its a dragon killer, supposedly.

Fletchling/Talonflame: Finally, a starting bird that ISN'T Flying/Normal. Torn between using this and Litleo as my fire Pokemon.

Litleo: I hope it really does evolve into a badass flaming lion. As of now its got a lot of potential.

Pancham: Finally, a Panda Pokemon! I've been waiting for one of these. And a Fighting type too. Get ready for Kung Fu Panda jokes.

Helioptile: The electric HP draining move was interesting at first, if a little confusing. Bu a Pokemon based off of alternate energy sources could be really cool. Still confused about those floppy ears though...

Skrelp: Appropriately twisted and ugly for a Poison Pokemon, though I probably won't use it.

Clauncher: PISTOL SHRIMP FTW. Definitely will be giving this little guy a try.

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User Info: CM_Ponch

4 years ago#6
Chespin - He looks cool but I'm picking Fennekin

Fennekin - We're going to bro it up, he looks great, just hope he doesn't become Fire/Fighting

Froakie - See Chespin

Sylveon - I like it, but I don't think I'll be using it on my first runthrough, depends on how early Eevee is obtainable and how it evolves

Pancham - Instant bro, we're going to befriend all Pokemon in the Kalos region

Fletchling/Talonflame - Captain Falcon/10

Gogoat - He looks cool, but I don't see myself using him

Helioptile - Meh, it's alright, feel like its evolutions will be cool

Scatterbug/Spewpa/Vivillon - I like them, I wish Vivillon had kept the white fluff

Noivern - Great, will use

Clauncher - Looks alright, never really been a fan of water pokemon

Skrelp - Looks alright, never really been a fan of water pokemon

Litleo - I've been waiting for a a fire lion since Gen 1, wasn't disappointed

Flabebe - Looks adorable, will probably end up on my team

Xerneas/Yveltal - Xerneas is one of my favorite legendaries, Yveltal looks cool too

Mewtwo's new form - I like it, really curious about what changes it and why

User Info: rampardosrules

4 years ago#7
Chespin - I have mixed feeling about this one. Not bad, but, kinda meh.

Fennekin - Worst of the starters. Its head is too disproportionaly big. Ugly.

Froakie - It's alright. It's no Totodile, but it's no Oshawott eighter. Easily the best of the starters.

Sylveon - The best design so far.

Pancham - Awful.

Fletchling/Talonflame - Talonflame is all kinds of cool. Fletchling looks like it was drawn by an 8-year old.

Gogoat - It's alright. Nothing special.

Helioptile - Cancer. Looks like it was drawn by an 8-year old who had his hands amputated.

Scatterbug/Spewpa/Vivillon -Vivillon looks good. Forget about the others.

Noivern - Love it.

Clauncher - I like it.

Skrelp - It's alright. Nothing special.

Litleo - Don't like it. Looks too Neopet-y. But not as bad as some others.

Flabebe - Awful.

Xerneas/Yveltal - Yveltal looks cool. Xerneas looks boring.

Mewtwo's new form - One of the worst design to date. Even worse than Vanilluxe, worse than Exeggcute, worse than Sunflora, hell, worse than Mr. Mime! In the words of the Nerd, "What were they thinking?!"
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User Info: rampardosrules

4 years ago#8
iKhanic posted...
This is turning out to be the best gen in terms of design since Gen 3.
"Gosto de todos, menos do Ramiro, que e repetente"
- Bruno Aleixo

User Info: Kitschgardener

4 years ago#9
They're all great, but I've a particular desire to use Helioptile, Skrelp, Clauncher and Froakie above all.

User Info: RDS1

4 years ago#10
I like pretty much all of them except Litleo.
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