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Opinions on the new Pokemon thus far.

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User Info: WiiareVenom

4 years ago#41
jayman7 posted...
SpikeTbear posted...
Helioptile is confusing a lot of people. I think it will evolve into a Steel/Electric Pokemon, and its floppy ears will become helicopter blades. Hence, the "heli" in Helipotile.

It's not "Helipotile", it's "Helioptile". "Helio" relates to the sun - he's using his frills (which are not ears) to absorb sunlight.

It could be elec/steel though, especially since the "ears" are already basically solar panels <.<
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User Info: westonticklee

4 years ago#42
Arne83 posted...
westonticklee posted...
CakeOfLies posted...
I like most of the Pokemon.
Although, Fennekin is rather meh and I don't really like Pancham or Sylveon...

How ironic that you don't like the three best pokemon of Gen 6.

That's not ironic...

Given his track record with pokemon, it's ironic
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User Info: Jessameson

4 years ago#43
Chespin - This one is good and has a lot of potential. It's about even with Fennekin for me right now.

Fennekin - It's a good first form design. I need to see its evolutions before I decide if I'm using it.

Froakie - One of the worst starter designs so far.

Sylveon - It's okay. I might use it if I need to fill a spot.

Pancham - I like this one. I'm pretty excited for it.

Fletchling/Talonflame - I like Talonflame but hate fletchling.

Gogoat - It has a pretty cool design.

Helioptile - I don't like the design at all.

Scatterbug/Spewpa/Vivillon - They are okay but the concept is overused.

Noivern - This one looks cool and the typing is good.

Clauncher - It has potential for good evolutions but as of now it's boring.

Skrelp - I hate how it looks but it's a cool type.

Litleo - I love this one. The evolutions should be good.

Flabebe - Cute, but nothing special.

Xerneas/Yveltal - Best cover legends since gen 2.

Mewtwo's new form - It's good enough.

User Info: WiiareVenom

4 years ago#44
Diamond Tier: Noivern, Xerneas, Gogoat

Platinum Tier: Yveltal, Clauncher, Talonflame, Mewtwo 2

Gold Tier: Sylveon, Skrelp, Froakie, The Butterfly Thing

Silver Tier: Fennekin, Chespin, Litleo

Bronze Tier: Everything else.
Democracy is when 2 wolves and a sheep meet to decide who is for dinner.
Liberty is when the sheep has a gun.

User Info: Jaricko

4 years ago#45
I like talonflame and gogoat.

User Info: Half-Ghost

4 years ago#46
Chespin - Good design, I like it. It's not something that overly impresses me, but it's all right.

Fennekin - I like it. I'll probably choose this as a starter.

Froakie - Also good. I'm surprised that I like all three starters this time.

Sylveon - I LOVE Sylveon. I'm hoping that it doesn't take too long to get an Eevee because I want one ASAP!

Pancham - Cool looking little Pokemon. Looks like it's got some attitude.

Fletchling/Talonflame - Fletchling disappoints me. It just looks so plain to me. Talonflame is good.

Gogoat - Looks very good. I might use it, but I'm not positive.

Helioptile - It's all right, but not that good.

Scatterbug/Spewpa/Vivillon - Not too fond of the first two, but the final evolution is so pretty. This will probably be on my team.

Noivern - Cool Pokemon. It looks pretty tough, so I'm guessing it will have high base stats.

Clauncher - Decent. Kinda reminds me of Corphish.

Skrelp - Not fond of this one. It just looks so...ugly!

Litleo - Nice, a lion Pokemon.

Flabebe - Aw, so tiny. I probably won't use it though since Sylveon will be my main fairy type.

Xerneas/Yveltal - These both remind me of creatures in Kingdom Hearts. Xerneas looks like a Dream Eater and Yveltal looks like a Heartless. Cool looking indeed.

Mewtwo's new form - I'm kind of mixed on this. It looks all right, but I just don't think it looks as good as Mewtwo.

User Info: Majora999

4 years ago#47
Chespin - Pretty cute, but I feel like it's potential for amazing evolutions undermines it's own design.

Froakie - Love it. Loved it from the moment I saw it.

Fennekin - Cute, love the ears and being a fennec fox earns points, but I don't quite get the love it gets. Yes, it's cute, but compared to the other, as well as the other fire-starters, it's a little... bland. Simple design, one solid color, rather generic in terms of body-type.

Yveltal - Awesome. Both of the cover legends are awesome, but I've gotta give it to Yveltal.

Xerneas - Again, awesome, very Miyazaki-esque, elaborate, but not over-the-top design, but I just prefer Yveltal. It's mostly a taste thing, I just like Yveltal's style more.

Sylveon - It's... an Eeveelution. By definition it's a good design, pretty much what you'd expect from an Eeveelution, the definition of it's typing in the form of a cat body. Cute, very fitting to the overall beauty thing they're going for.

Awakened Mewtwo - Really like it, if you were gonna make Mewtwo look more 'complete', more like it's own Pokémon, rather then a clone of one, this is how you'd do it... for the most part. Dem FEET. I hate those friggin' feet. Those rounded, balloon toes looked terrible on The Imprisoned from Skyward Sword, and they look terrible on Mewtwo. Otherwise it's great.

Gogoat - I don't love it as much as most, but it's a really good design. Although a Grass-type goat seems like an odd choice to me, for some reason.

Helioptile - Very cute, an overall interesting design, but it's another one like Chespin. I find myself too focused on what it'll look like when it evolves (and I'm certain it will.)

Pancham - See Froakie. I have nothing negative to say about this Pokémon.

Fletchling - Definitely the best designed starting bird (ignoring evolutions) since Taillow. It's more interesting then Starly and more unique then Pidove, who just kinda felt like Starly again, except with that weird pink thing pidgeons have.

Talonflame - Not as cool as Staraptor and the male Unfezant, but still pretty cool. Kinda... girthy looking though, like it's got no neck.

Scatterbug - Cute for what it is, but feels a little too like Burmy without the leaves.

Spewpa - While not as refreshingly deviating as Swadloon, it's an interesting take on the pupa stage.

Vivilon - I feel like it'd be better without the legs, otherwise I love it.

Noivern - The only problem I have with this BAMF is that his signature move is the wrong Type.

Clauncher - it's a ****ing PISTOL SHRIMP POKEMON!! What's not to love?! For those informed, here's a couple of pistol shrimp facts: they compete with the sperm and beluga whales for loudest creature in the ocean. They use the sonic vibrations from the snapping of their claw to kill their prey from a distance. The sonoluminescence this creates, while invisible to the naked eye, reaches temeperatures of over 5000K. The surface of the sun is 5800K. WHY DID THIS TAKE SO LONG TO BECOME A POKEMON? Needless to say, this little bastard will be on my team ASAP.

Skrelp - Very Ugly Cute and I love that.

Litleo - Eh, see Chespin and Fennekin. Kinda cute face, but very bland and, again, I find myself focusing on what it'll evolve into.

Flabébé - A whole new flavor of adorable. Could very well end up on my team.

Overall, Gen VI Pokémon seem to be either cute or badass and I have very high hopes for them.
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