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Fairy and Metagame speculation

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User Info: Suzie_Death

4 years ago#11
perfectchaos83 posted...
I would be so happy if Bannete was a Fairy type.

actually, i di mean to say he looked possible. he does seem like a possibility, though is dex entry says not a whole lot. plain ghost or ghost/fairy can fit because of that. I see i messed up a few other things as well while editing the op.

Oh well

EdwardoMario16 posted...
Lots of Stuff.

I like this post alot (though it's far too much to quote). It has alot of technical details in it that i hadn't even considered yet. Fairy does look pretty fragile by itself. Although i did think that it's offense looked pretty great in the current meta, so it seemed pretty balanced out when i first looked at it. You raised good points. thanks

Never thought Fairy would become broken. I'd even go so far to say that fairy looks to be geniusly balanced. I wonder if they did take a long hard look at the current meta...

I'd also like it alot if fairy has the bulk of dual typed attacks (if those are real). That could be pretty interesting.

bd43 posted...
No one carries poison moves and while Steel will be scary, it's hardly common. Ice is weak to 4 types, two of which are major attacking types and a third that can be established as an entry hazard.

After watching 50 battles today, besides toxic, i've only noticed two poison moves. Sludge bomb, and poison spikes. Even with fairies on the rise, i still don't think many people would add poison moves to their pokemon, it's coverage for popular types isn't that great just to effectively kill faries. I'm pretty sure they'll rather learn steel if they could. Much better for offensive coverage.

As for the Meta game, one can only hope that they took a resistance or two from Steel types. It was a broken type and logic hardly worked for a few of the resistances(Dark, Dragon, Psychic, Ghost). Give it a stab super effective attack on a type you're trying to make common and suddenly, Steel pokemon gain an unnecessary edge.

I think i do agree with this. steel looks to become broken (or at least very powerful), only thing really stopping it is the large amount of water, fighting and fire attacks everyone typically use. hopefully it balances out instead. Hopefully steel remains offensively weak in general.

Like reading other peoples opinions. Always interested in hearing more.
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User Info: kaonohiokala

4 years ago#12
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User Info: EdwardoMario16

4 years ago#13
Steel is weak/doesn't resist five of the better offensive types in the game. Water, Electric, Fire, Fighting, and Ground. How is it broken again?

Their (supposed) offensive power over Fairies is also moot. Fairy, like Ice and Rock looks very frail (No resistances) and won't be used much defensively. Steel will have a niche ability to check Fairies, but I don't see Steel moves on the rise outside of STAB. There is still plenty of Water out there waiting.

Heck, I can see Azumarill being a go-to Fairy-Type that can beat Steel-Types. It's not weak to Steel (Water/Fairy) and can smash them with Waterfall and Superpower. A Fire/Fairy can handle Steels even better.
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