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anyone trying to stay away from knowing every pokemon before playing?

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User Info: deevo117

4 years ago#11
Yeah, as lame as it sounds, I like planning my team out.

It sounds dumb but when I play through the main game, I put in a good effort to use some hipster pokemonz, as in I hate using something if it's totally overused or if it seems like every trainer in the game has one.

Some of my favorites/strongest pokes in game have been pretty unconventional like Lumineon or Heatmor.

I once even managed to stick with a Sunflora for my entire playthrough of SS, which is a feat within itself.

But yeah I'll be keeping up with the pokemon releases as we get them.
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User Info: trewerd

4 years ago#12
I already feel like I know too much. It's okay to learn about features in the game, but we've already been shown twenty, TWENTY, new pokemon.
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User Info: ranguro

4 years ago#13
wow, never relized how many are known already. whats sad is that i keep feeling a strong erg to see what the starters turn into.
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User Info: 98_0_Heat

4 years ago#14
just take a step back and play black and white 2 in hopes you can transfer

I'm breeding some perfect babies
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User Info: EmeraldRange

4 years ago#15
Zerobahn posted...
I'm the opposite actually.

As someone who primarily chooses their Pokemon based on aesthetics, there's no way in hell i'm gonna train up a 'Mon not knowing if it's final evolution is godly or a straight up turd.

I'm more opposite as I always look at a complete pokedex, research for about two weeks on bulbapedia and base stats and typing AND THEN play the game. I also have this goal of not catching more than 10 evolution lines.
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User Info: ohnoyadont

4 years ago#16
I want to but I don't know if I could resist. I only had that experience in gen 2 and 3, our great country still didn't have widespread access to the internetsss
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