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Why is Dragon weak to Fairy?

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User Info: Benify

4 years ago#1
How on earth is a small little tiny fairy gonna NOT get stomped by the foot of a dragon, or burned to death, or eaten?

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User Info: trinogon

4 years ago#2
Enchanted swords slay dragons.
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User Info: SgtCashmere

4 years ago#3
Because Pokemon.

User Info: LightningHawk90

4 years ago#4
Magic > Dragons. Simple enough.
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User Info: BerserkFury8533

4 years ago#5
trinogon posted...
Enchanted swords slay dragons.

RageKaiser posted...
Magic > Dragons. Simple enough.

This and this....It would be pretty cool if they made a pokemon that looks like a sword being both a steel and fairy type.

That thing would be seriously OP
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User Info: NeonDragon9000

4 years ago#6
How is Jigglypuff immune to Gengar?
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User Info: gamester_12345

4 years ago#7
Maybe there's something inherent how the Fairy Type came about in X/Y, maybe Dragon type Pokemon was an anomaly within nature, maybe Fairy is the next step in "natural evolution" via Human-influenced methods?

Apparently there's a rumor that the DNA watches was made by Colress, plus the Pokedex seems too literally has some sort of hologram/physical-light thing going on, makes you wonder if Team Plasma's technology was leaked or something...that and a plot thread seemingly wasn't resolved...

they never seemed to patch Team Plasma's hacking of the Pokemon Storage System... unless it was done in BW2?
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User Info: javel34

4 years ago#8
How can you bite a ghost?
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User Info: Ruwalk

4 years ago#9
You could use the same argument to ask why a tiny ice type can stop a giant dragon :/

Though in all seriousness, it probably has something to do with some sort of mythology.

Also agree with the sword-based stell/fairy pokemon. That would be amazing, and would actually make an interesting legendary or prelude to a legendary. Akin it to Excalibur or some other famous sword.

User Info: NeonDragon9000

4 years ago#10
Why is Garchomp 4x weak to Vanillite?
"Microsoft is not a helicopter." ~Gerald Ilukwe
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