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Most Likely Sylveon Stats Spread

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User Info: Viridipalm_user

4 years ago#1
Most Likely Sylveon Star Spread - Results (159 votes)
Special Attack - Speed
37.74% (60 votes)
Speed - Special Attack
14.47% (23 votes)
HP- Special Attack
28.3% (45 votes)
Defense - Special Defense
5.66% (9 votes)
Special Defense - Defense
3.77% (6 votes)
Attack - Speed
8.81% (14 votes)
Speed - Attack
1.26% (2 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Order is highest-second highest(130-110)
You decide the third highest (95)
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User Info: legendxofxsky

4 years ago#2
Eeveelutions tend to have decent speed/Sp. Atk.
So i assume it'll go that way, third could be anything really.

But, that thing has to have high Sp. Atk/Attack to even consider taking on a dragon.

User Info: Xodiark

4 years ago#3
I highly doubt it will be 1,2,3 or 5 as those are already taken and the top 2 stats are always different in eeveelutions.

My guess is def/sp.def at 130 then sp.atk at 110,
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User Info: ReloadPsi

4 years ago#4
Special defense and speed.
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User Info: fedartz

4 years ago#5
I cant decide which is the best for my lovely Sylveon.
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User Info: SpoinkRulezz

4 years ago#6
Special Defense (130) and Special Attack (110), I think. 95...either Defense or Speed, leaning towards Speed.

User Info: LazorFist

4 years ago#7
The Pokesmash video seemed to have a Sylveon with 95 base HP. I expect Sylveon to have a stat spread similar to Espeon or Jolteon with the high stats concentrated in Speed, Sp. Attack, and HP.

User Info: Solar_Crimson

4 years ago#8
Viridipalm_user posted...
HP- Special Attack

Going with this. - My Backloggery
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User Info: TherianReturns

4 years ago#9
130 special defense
110 Speed
95 HP
65 attack
65 special attack
60 defense
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User Info: iKhanic

4 years ago#10
Special Def. Special Atk. Speed
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