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User Info: Celebity

4 years ago#1

Keep picking your favorite Pokemon out of the two that show up until you have your top 10 favorite Pokemon. Mine is pretty accurate.

For me it was:
10. Bayleef
9. Deoxys
8. Pichu
7. Growlithe
6. Wailord
5. Kyogre
4. Mewtwo
3. Bulbasaur
2. Vespiquen
1. Rayquaza

Pretty damn good, but I would've preferred Ampharos and Scolipede over Vespiquen and Bulbasaur. It really hurts when you have to send away some of your favorite Pokes due to it being matched up with another one of your favorites! :(

Note: This takes a while!
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User Info: cheesewhiz12

4 years ago#2
Did this yesterday, as a matter of fact. Coincidence. My results were pretty accurate, plus or minus one or two.

10. Gyarados
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User Info: DoctorJimmy133

4 years ago#3
cheesewhiz12 posted...
Did this yesterday, as a matter of fact. Coincidence.

Wh… What the f***? I also did this yesterday O_O

1. Eevee
2. Umbreon
3. Mudkip
4. Heracross
5. Glaceon
6. Excadrill
7. Porygon
8. Serperior
9. Chandelure
10. Volcarona

Mudkip, Porygon and Volcarona were the lucky ones. Especially Porygon.
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User Info: MetaFalconPunch

4 years ago#4
Oh my god, I saw this once on the Black (or was it Black 2) board and really liked it, but I forgot the topic it was in and have been waiting FOREVER for it to reappear!

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User Info: Scaredofzombies

4 years ago#5
1. Umbreon
2. Mismagius
3. Misdreavus
4. Mienshao
5. Sableye
6. Starmie
7. Gardevoir
8. Gengar
9. Blastoise
10. Houndoom

It did it alright job, Umbreon is my favorite pokemon. And Misdreavus is technically number 3 for me. But this list's lack of Espeon (my 2nd favorite) Vulpix, and Chandelure makes it really inaccurate.
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User Info: P0k3m0nWaRR10R8

4 years ago#6
1. Metagross
2. Ninetales
3. Wailord (Wut)
4. Togekiss
5. Lugia
6. Rayquaza
7. Milotic
8. Octillery
9. Horsea
10. Blastoise

Pretty accurate, except for Wailord, whom I have no idea how he got that far.
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User Info: Nograd789

4 years ago#7
10- Dragonite
9- Rampardos
6-Mime Jr.

Besides Mime Jr, this was pretty accurate. Poliwarth should have been on there though.
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User Info: lnightfuryl

4 years ago#8
Hmm this was fun!

10. Cubone (would rather it be Marowak)
9. Absol
8. Archeops
7. Lapras
6. Typhlosion
5. Zangoose
4. Dragonair
3. Riachu
2. Ampharos
1. Lugia

Other than the Cubone, and POSSIBLY the Archeops, I found this very accurate. I'd probably take out the Archeops and put Bayleef ahead of Zangoose.
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User Info: kirbydude385

4 years ago#9
fairly accurate this time (done this multiple times)

1. Manectric (accurate)
2. Galvantula (accurate)
3. Blaziken (bit higher than he should be)
4. Scyther (bit higher than he should be)
5. Volcarona (bit lower than he should be)
6. Marowak (bit higher than he should be)
7. Excadrill (only one whos significantly out of place)
8. Typhlosion (somewhat higher than he should be)
9. Ninjask (somewhat higher than he should be)
10. Chandelure (roughly accurate)
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User Info: SirPikachu

4 years ago#10
1. Pikachu
2. Cyndaquil
3. Croconaw
4. Seel
5. Charizard
6. Azurill (I voted him only 2 times!)
7. Ivysaur
8. Bayleef
9. Dratini
10. Quilava

Pretty innacurate. While I love all of these(cept azurill) my fav list wouldn't look like that.
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