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Do this and post your results.

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User Info: DarkDragon386

4 years ago#31
My results

1. Gyarados (definitely)
2. Starmie
3. Hydreigon
4. Kabutops
5. Yanmega
6. Haxorus
7. Ho-oh
8. Volcarona
9. Chikorita (lols)
10. Giratina

Fairly close, but threw some oddballs in there like Chikorita.

My actual list
1. Gyarados
2. Haxorus
3. Starmie
4. Hydreigon
5. Swampert
6. Scizor
7. Kyogre
8. Giratina
9. Milotic
10. Mewtwo

Scizor was out early due to being put up against Gyarados. I like Yanmega, Ho-oh, Kabutops, and Vocarona, but not top 10 worth.
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User Info: DarkDragon386

4 years ago#32
Tried it again and its less accurate

1. Gyarados
2. Swampert
3. Floatzel
4. Keldeo
5. Volcarona
6. Yanmega
7. Bayleef (what is with the Chikorita line somehow sneaking in there)
8. Ludicolo
9. Ivysaur
10. Landorus

Dang Haxorus killed Starmie, Hydreigon, Mewtwo,Scizor, and Mewtwo before being taken out by Gyarados before the final 10.
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User Info: Celebity

4 years ago#33
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User Info: JakeisaLie

4 years ago#34
1. Espeon
2. Chandelure
3. Rotom
4. Lopunny
5. Celebi
6. Starmie
7. Wobbuffet
8. Blastoise
9. Squirtle
10. Wynaut

I'm kind of baffled at how Lopunny got so high. I mean I like it and all, but it's nowhere close to my actual top 10. Same with 8-10, but at least they're a lot closer. Also, notable early casualties include Metagross, Flygon, and Gardevoir.
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User Info: Xerneas66

4 years ago#35
1. Galvantula (definitely true)
2. Vaporeon
3. Serperior
4. Gardevoir
5. Rhyperior
6. Ho-Oh
7. Gallade
8. Venusaur
9. Eelektross
10. Terrakion

Pretty close

User Info: Noble-Heart

4 years ago#36
Results :

1. Lilligant (favorite)
2. Vanilluxe (sorry but no, I like him but he is no way in my top 10)
3. Caterpie (fairly close)
4. Deoxys (correct)
5. Arcanine ( Miss his spot by four)
6. Scizor (correct)
7. Ledyba ( LoL No)
8. Seaking (0_0)
9. Kyogre ( A bit too high)
10. Voltorb ( I like Electrode more)

M official top ten list:

1. Lilligant: Milady will always matain her throne .
2. Manaphy: Basic but still adorable.
3. Pidgeot: Despite his low stats, he has saved my team many times especially in Nuzlockes.
4. Deoxys: He's simply a badass.
5. Meloetta: You get the gist, I like cute petite pokemon.
7. Caterpie: No explanation needed
8. Tauros: Basic but still a great design
9. Arcanine: umm, I like his design and I like dogs.
10. Pikachu: Again no explanation needed
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User Info: 0Fallen_Angel0

4 years ago#37
1. Lilligant (as expected)
2. Cloyster (Cloyster's cool... but he doesn't belong in the top 10. Maybe 20)
3. Donphan (I have no idea how this happened -_-)
4. Flareon (this seems about right)
5. Tyranitar (this seems about right)
6. Tropius (wtf?)
7. Jolteon (should be higher)
8. Zangoose (another wtf)
9. Togetic (this should be Togekiss. I don't know how this even...)
10. Kyogre (should be higher. Probably two or three)

I don't like this game.
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User Info: Tweedsiders

4 years ago#38
10 - Aerodacty (What?)
9 - Registeel (No)
8 - Venusaur
7 - Persian
6 - Arcanine
5 - Raichu
4 - Mightyena
3 - Reshiram
2 - Latios
1 - zekrom

Pretty accurate.

User Info: Kitschgardener

4 years ago#39
I hate choosing prematurely near the end where things are so close and eliminating a firm favourite... Anyway I got:

1. Cloyster
2. Lileep
3. Porygon
4. Eelektross
5. Spiritomb
6. Qwilfish
7. Omastar
8. Claydol
9. Deino (?)
10. Scizor (?)

I'm not sure how Deino and Scizor got in there - luck of the draw, I guess - ahead of Volcarona, Stunfisk, Registeel, Regirock, Golurk, Deoxys, et al. I might redo this.

Edit: Mk.II - 1. Cloyster, 2. Ferrothorn (?), 3. Nosepass, 4. Electrode, 5. Volcarona, 6. Drapion, 7. Omastar, 8. Porygon, 9. Latias (?), 10. Swampert (?). It really does depend on what comes up when.

User Info: ssj_duelist

4 years ago#40
This is like Sophie's Choice but times 300.
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