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If you were a gym leader, what would you say to a challenger?

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User Info: Big_Isaac

4 years ago#91
"I've been a professional pokemon trainer for several years, so obviously you, some snot-nosed kid who got his first pokemon less than 20 hours ago, is going to be stronger than me. let's just get this over with"

my type would be fire, and I'd probably have a speedboost blaziken
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User Info: FDSuprema

4 years ago#92
Flying type

"Looks like you made it, kid. No, don't say anything. Let us throw our words to the wind and let our battle speak for us!"

If the player loses, before the battle screen fades and returns the player to the Pokemon Center:
"Tough break, kid. Train a bit more and come challenge me again, it was fun."

When the player returns after a loss:
"Ah! You're back, I see. Once again, let us throw our words to the wind and let our battle speak for us!"

...So yeah.
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User Info: Arne83

4 years ago#93
So, I decided to make a... uhhh...

Arne83 posted...
Dark type.

"Now we fight like men! And ladies! And ladies who dress like men! Wait, wrong game. Whatever! Time to battle!"

Less silly one.

Still Dark Type.

Before Battle:
Day- "Zzzz... ! What? Oh, a challenger! Sorry, I'm not normally awake at this time. *standard greeting*"
Evening- "*Yawn*... Huh? Oh... you're here to challenge me. Sorry, I just got up. *standard greeting*"
Night- "*standard greeting* You're a fool to challenge me night!"
Morning- "*standard greeting* Can we hurry this up? I'm getting kinda tired."
Standard greeting- "Welcome to the *insert city* gym. I'm Arne, and I train Dark-Type Pokémon. Dark-Type Pokémon often sleep during the day, so I started to do the same in order to become better acquainted with them. Because of this, me and my Pokémon are an unstoppable team."

After my Pokémon first takes damage without being OHKO'd:
"Don't get excited just because you got a hit in."

When I send out my last Pokémon:
"Things aren't looking to good... but it's not over yet!"

Upon losing:
"Ok, maybe 'unstoppable' wasn't the right word."

After battle:
"I guess there's no denying it. I lost. So I guess that means this is yours..."

After giving the player the Nocturne Badge:
"With that Nocturne Badge all Pokémon up to level ?? will listen to you. And here's a little gift. Nothing official, just something I give to trainers that are the most fun to battle."

After giving the play the Night Slash TM (Yeah, I know there isn't a Night Slash TM... but there could be):
"That will teach one of your Pokémon the move Night Slash. They'll strike their opponent the second their guard is dropped. Because of that, it has I higher chance of landing a critical hit."

When talked to again:
Day&Morning- "Zzzzz..." He seems sound asleep. You decided not to bother him.
Evening&Night- "You should get on with your journey... I got a busy night ahead of me."


Rematch team:
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User Info: AngryGFAQer

4 years ago#94
Welcome to the dark side of the moon.
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User Info: Rai_Jin

4 years ago#95
A trainer has to be versatile. Here is your deck. Now let us play cards.

User Info: Hierarchy225

4 years ago#96
"Lets do this".

Short, and sweet. I'll let my Pokemon speak for me.
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User Info: fedartz

4 years ago#97
I conclude that whoever post at 100th will be deemed the strongest of all gym that ever existed. So who'll be the lucky man.
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User Info: Benify

4 years ago#98
Prepare ur anus.

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User Info: LordRattergun

4 years ago#99

"How you have felt, O Pokemon Trainer, at hearing the speeches of my accusers, I cannot tell; but I know that their persuasive words almost made me forget who I was - such was the effect of them; and yet they have hardly spoken a word of truth. But many as their falsehoods were, there was one of them which quite amazed me; - I mean when they told you to be upon your guard, and not to let yourselves be deceived by the force of my eloquence. They ought to have been ashamed of saying this, because they were sure to be detected as soon as I opened my lips and displayed my deficiency; they certainly did appear to be most shameless in saying this, unless by the force of eloquence they mean the force of truth; for then I do indeed admit that I am eloquent. But in how different a way from theirs! Well, as I was saying, they have hardly uttered a word, or not more than a word, of truth; but you shall hear from me the whole truth: not, however, delivered after their manner, in a set oration duly ornamented with words and phrases. No indeed! but I shall use the words and arguments which occur to me at the moment; for I am certain that this is right, and that at my time of life I ought not to be appearing before you, O men of Athens, in the character of a juvenile orator - let no one expect this of me. And I must beg of you to grant me one favor, which is this - If you hear me using the same words in my defence which I have been in the habit of using, and which most of you may have heard in the agora, and at the tables of the money-changers, or anywhere else, I would ask you not to be surprised at this, and not to interrupt me. For I am more than seventy years of age, and this is the first time that I have ever appeared in a court of law, and I am quite a stranger to the ways of the place; and therefore I would have you regard me as if I were really a stranger, whom you would excuse if he spoke in his native tongue, and after the fashion of his country; - that I think is not an unfair request. Never mind the manner, which may or may not be good; but think only of the justice of my cause, and give heed to that: let the judge decide justly and the speaker speak truly.

And first, I have to reply to the older charges and to my first accusers, and then I will go to the later ones. For I have had many accusers, who accused me of old, and their false charges have continued during many years; and I am more afraid of them than of Anytus and his associates, who are dangerous, too, in their own way. But far more dangerous are these, who began when you were children, and took possession of your minds with their falsehoods, telling of one Socrates, a wise man, who speculated about the heaven above, and searched into the earth beneath, and made the worse appear the better cause. These are the accusers whom I dread; for they are the circulators of this rumor, and their hearers are too apt to fancy that speculators of this sort do not believe in the gods. And they are many, and their charges against me are of ancient date, and they made them in days when you were impressible - in childhood, or perhaps in youth - and the cause when heard went by default, for there was none to answer. And, hardest of all, their names I do not know and cannot tell; unless in the chance of a comic poet. But the main body of these slanderers who from envy and malice have wrought upon you - and there are some of them who are convinced themselves, and impart their convictions to others - all these, I say, are most difficult to deal with; for I cannot have them up here, and examine them, and therefore I must simply fight with shadows in my own defence, and examine when there is no one who answers."
Rattergun, you are truly a hero for our times. - Recoome_is_god

User Info: LordRattergun

4 years ago#100
Down to last Pokemon:

"I will ask you then to assume with me, as I was saying, that my opponents are of two kinds - one recent, the other ancient; and I hope that you will see the propriety of my answering the latter first, for these accusations you heard long before the others, and much oftener.

Well, then, I will make my defence, and I will endeavor in the short time which is allowed to do away with this evil opinion of me which you have held for such a long time; and I hope I may succeed, if this be well for you and me, and that my words may find favor with you. But I know that to accomplish this is not easy - I quite see the nature of the task. Let the event be as God wills: in obedience to the law I make my defence.

I will begin at the beginning, and ask what the accusation is which has given rise to this slander of me, and which has encouraged Meletus to proceed against me. What do the slanderers say? They shall be my prosecutors, and I will sum up their words in an affidavit. "Socrates is an evil-doer, and a curious person, who searches into things under the earth and in heaven, and he makes the worse appear the better cause; and he teaches the aforesaid doctrines to others." That is the nature of the accusation, and that is what you have seen yourselves in the comedy of Aristophanes; who has introduced a man whom he calls Socrates, going about and saying that he can walk in the air, and talking a deal of nonsense concerning matters of which I do not pretend to know either much or little - not that I mean to say anything disparaging of anyone who is a student of natural philosophy. I should be very sorry if Meletus could lay that to my charge. But the simple truth is, O Athenians, that I have nothing to do with these studies. Very many of those here present are witnesses to the truth of this, and to them I appeal. Speak then, you who have heard me, and tell your neighbors whether any of you have ever known me hold forth in few words or in many upon matters of this sort. ... You hear their answer. And from what they say of this you will be able to judge of the truth of the rest.

As little foundation is there for the report that I am a teacher, and take money; that is no more true than the other. Although, if a man is able to teach, I honor him for being paid. There is Gorgias of Leontium, and Prodicus of Ceos, and Hippias of Elis, who go the round of the cities, and are able to persuade the young men to leave their own citizens, by whom they might be taught for nothing, and come to them, whom they not only pay, but are thankful if they may be allowed to pay them. There is actually a Parian philosopher residing in Athens, of whom I have heard; and I came to hear of him in this way: - I met a man who has spent a world of money on the Sophists, Callias the son of Hipponicus, and knowing that he had sons, I asked him: "Callias," I said, "if your two sons were foals or calves, there would be no difficulty in finding someone to put over them; we should hire a trainer of horses or a farmer probably who would improve and perfect them in their own proper virtue and excellence; but as they are human beings, whom are you thinking of placing over them? Is there anyone who understands human and political virtue? You must have thought about this as you have sons; is there anyone?" "There is," he said. "Who is he?" said I, "and of what country? and what does he charge?" "Evenus the Parian," he replied; "he is the man, and his charge is five minae." Happy is Evenus, I said to myself, if he really has this wisdom, and teaches at such a modest charge. Had I the same, I should have been very proud and conceited; but the truth is that I have no knowledge of the kind. "
Rattergun, you are truly a hero for our times. - Recoome_is_god
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