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Are you going to deposit Xerneas and/or Yvelta when you catch them?

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  3. Are you going to deposit Xerneas and/or Yvelta when you catch them?

User Info: Second_Hokage

4 years ago#1
Deposit? - Results (244 votes)
Yes, i don't like having legendaries in my party.
59.84% (146 votes)
Maybe, i haven't decided.
25% (61 votes)
No, i want legendary Pokemon's in my team winning battles easily for me.
15.16% (37 votes)
This poll is now closed.
I think i'll fight a few random battles with them to check out their moves and stuff, but i hate having legendary pokemon's on my team.

User Info: KyrieIrving

4 years ago#2
no , because i am lame and always use legendaries.

User Info: KeeperOfShadows

4 years ago#3
No, I usually keep the cover legendary in my party.
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User Info: Mudkip43

4 years ago#4
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User Info: FairyKing

4 years ago#5
It depends on when we get them. I used Dialga in Gen 4 since he was available early enough for me. But I didn't use Zekrom in Gen 5 and instead went with Cobalion since Cobalion is available at a good time. I do like using Legendaries
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User Info: Sad_Face

4 years ago#6
Until I am ready to train him properly, he will most certainly be going into storage.

User Info: Missingno_Mastr

4 years ago#7
Nope. I never use legendaries.

User Info: kaonohiokala

4 years ago#8
lol dis topic
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User Info: VIIVincent

4 years ago#9
i always box legendary Pokemon. never liked using them.
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User Info: kirbydude385

4 years ago#10
i will deposit them unless the type coverage on my team basically requires them
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  3. Are you going to deposit Xerneas and/or Yvelta when you catch them?

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