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The ugliest Pokemon?

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User Info: TherianReturns

4 years ago#31
Scott1187 posted...
TherianReturns posted...
Scott1187 posted...
Pretty much anything shiny.

Just wow.

Did you even read the rest of my post? There are some shinies I really like. Charizard, Umbreon, Haunter and Abomasnow are all good examples. But most shinies are horrible. Just look at Machamp, Scrafty, the list goes on. Most are terrible, and there really is no denying this.

Still wow.
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User Info: eimajamie

4 years ago#32
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User Info: Jaricko

4 years ago#33
RageKaiser posted...
I wish i could name an uglier gen 1 or 2 pokemon for bonus points, but sorry, Probopass deserves this award.

The moment i saw the thread the following thoughts passed threw my head. " No body better mention Probopass or his mustache "

Damn you! Probopass > then you.

User Info: Shimeonnus

4 years ago#34
Bulbasaur and its evolutions.
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User Info: VideoGameXV

4 years ago#35
Smoochum, Jynx, Snubull, Granbull, Bidoof, Bibarel, Magikarp, Feebas and Qwilfish to name a few.
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User Info: RTC3

4 years ago#36
ctrl + f garbodor

3 hits

i'll take it
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User Info: GlitterGuns

4 years ago#37

User Info: Crymsonblaze

4 years ago#38
Burmy and wormadam. Complete crap.

User Info: petemidnight13

4 years ago#39


Please don't hurt me.
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User Info: BikdipOnABus

4 years ago#40
I have a feeling that people wouldn't hate on Purugly as much as they do if it had been given a different name. It's just a big fat cat like Garfield, I don't see what's so ugly about it.

My vote would probably go to Gurdurr. That thing is just ... eugh. And I don't have a blanket hate for all of Gen 5 either, I actually really like the majority of them. But the Timburr line does not fall into that category.
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