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Breaking: Unova Gym Leader Marlon dies of skin cancer at age 29

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User Info: PrinceChickadee

4 years ago#11
MillionGunmannn posted...
A Unova Leader who never took extreme care in the sun has died from skin cancer at the age of 29. Marlon, Wave , from Himaulu, Unova died just four months after being diagnosed with the disease Melanoma. His mother Beverly, 50, said blue-haired Marlon had always tried to avoid sunburn - and never used sunbeds. Marlon was so careful,' she said: " He was the only person on the beach that had a towel over him as well as under him.' It comes as Cancer Research Unova revealed more than two people under 35 in Unova are diagnosed with malignant melanoma - the deadliest skin cancer - every day.

Oh my gosh!!! I just noticed his feet!!!! They're so pale!! I thought he was another sad attempt at making a black character but oh my gosh he is burnt!!! Why would Nintendo do this?!? He must be freaking numb from the waist up!
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User Info: MillionGunmannn

4 years ago#12
Who swims with flip flops on?

User Info: Nightinangle

4 years ago#13
Sifunkle posted...
Nightinangle posted...
Actually he may have gotten cancer from sunscreen :P
Not to get too serious. basically, if your sunscreen dissappears, it can cause cancer, if you have white marks of sunscreen on your body, you are safe.

Not to disagree with you, but that's based on some pretty limited evidence, whereas UV damage has been proven time and again to be a major factor in developing skin cancer. I don't think it's a great idea to be propagating anything that discourages use of sunscreen. Unless you hate people as much as I do.

... hang on, why am I saying all this?

the minersals are ed to be so thin that they can fall through, and get some of that stuff into artieries and stuff...
there are sunscreens that work still the disappearing kinds can be dangerous.
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