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Post pokemon that really need an evolution.

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User Info: scrappybristol

4 years ago#51
Torkoal into Fire/Steel. Think of it like a step down from Heatran
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User Info: ShadowSun89

4 years ago#52
I would prefer, if they make a new option called "Fusion" to fuse 2 Pokemons together: I really can image some cool outcomes. But i guess this will never be happen :/

User Info: LontaBeans

4 years ago#53
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User Info: Yomonachi4

4 years ago#54
LontaBeans posted...

User Info: Inertion5

4 years ago#55
Learn the chart man.

User Info: pectus_umbra

4 years ago#56
Banette. Sableye. Absol.
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User Info: EddMario

4 years ago#57
Castform and Mawile REALLY need evolutions.
Rapidash getting an alicorn evolution would be pretty cool too.
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User Info: darkdragonflame

4 years ago#58

And Golurk just for the heck of it.
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User Info: BerserkFury8533

4 years ago#59
Really all regular (non-legendary) pokemon should have 2 evolutions or a branching evolution.

It makes no sense to have a regular pokemon without an evolution, there stats will always be gimped compared to pokemon that can evolve.

Pokemon that only have 1 or no evolutions should either have an ability that is unique only to them or be able to use 5 moves to compensate for not having an evolution.
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User Info: Sir_Specter

4 years ago#60
Banette. So much Banette. If I could pick one thing to have in this next gen, it would be an evolution for Banette. I love its design, but it's just so bad.

Weezing could really use another evolution too. For that matter, so could some other two stage poison types (Muk, Swalot, Garbodor, Arbok), but I don't care about them as much.

Skuntank is another one that's pretty bad (not as good as Weezing and better than Banette) that I'd like to see become more usable. I like the design and it's got a good typing, but its stats are just crappy.
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