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Small (non Pokemon) changes that you would like in the new games

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User Info: slothica

4 years ago#21
1. The ability to customize the soundtrack, with the added ability to unlock or download more tracks for use with this feature.

2. Secret bases, ala RSE. You should be able to not only customize them with furniture, but set the background music, and select a pokemon team and battle music associated with the base so that when you mix records with someone, the battle will be set up on their game accordingly. Battles should still be limited to once a day.

3. Move-relearners include pre-evolution moves as well as current evolution moves in their lists.
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User Info: pratypus

4 years ago#22
Selecting which pokeball to put your hatched pokemon into, I feel different pokeballs add personality to the pokemon I spent hours catching Togepies in heal balls because i wanted my togekiss to have a heal ball.

this way you can have egg moves and cool pokeballs.

if you dont have any they just go into a pokeball.

User Info: Nightstar1994

4 years ago#23
erekwashere15 posted...

- a Pokemon's primary type gives off a sort of effect when they appear in the wild (an electric Pokemon appears with a flash, grass types have flower petals floating around, ground types stir up dust, etc)

Wow, i think this would be pretty nice :D

User Info: Missingno_Mastr

4 years ago#24
JustinTheJagged posted...
MyNameIsNotJen posted...
JustinTheJagged posted...
What I want more than anything is having any pokemon that can learn the HM automatically able to use it out of battle once the badge is earned that lets you do so. You would would still have to actually teach it if you wanted it to use it in battle, of course.

You do know they did this for Gen V right?

They did? Huh. Nevermind then.

No they didn't. They made it so badges were no longer requirements for HM usage, they didn't make it so Pokémon can use HM moves outside of battle without actually knowing the moves.

User Info: Krio Lv3

Krio Lv3
4 years ago#25
HM's not needed to progress through the game, but could be used to do side-quests or get items.
Rules for trainer and gym battles where you can only use the same # of Pokemon they have (2v2,
3v3, 1v1, not 2 vs your 6). Also, you should not get to know what they are about to summon, but still have the option to change your Pokemon.
An option in game that Gym leaders can be fought in any order, and their levels scale with your highest Pokemon.
The ability to see EV's and IV's without having to talk to anyone.
Walking items to increase the chances of attracting certain types into random encounters.
A Difficulty option, where Hard Mode would give trainers better moves for their Pokemon and give them max IV's and EV's, and maybe slightly higher levels.
The ability to simply re-challenge trainers without a Vs seeker.
Move Deleter in the PC.
The ability to later choose which Pokeball a Pokemon is stored in using the PC.

Edit: An option to put a voice clip of yourself so you could make your own quotes for when you send out and withdraw Pokemon, it's a good idea.
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