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Doing the Nuzlocke Challenge in older games to get ready for X and Y!

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User Info: RaqibMarvelous

4 years ago#1

And if it isn't already obvious, I plan on doing the Nuzlocke Challenge in both X and Y when they come out! My question to you is, how should I do those differently from my HeartGold play through? Should I add new rules? Did I miss something early in the game that I shouldn't have? Let me know how I should change it up!

User Info: SkylaIsMyWife

4 years ago#2
You with a mud duck while i'm swimming with a Swanna 8D

User Info: hts

4 years ago#3
Doing the same for Black 2,didnt play it yet, so its gonna be a new experience for me + the challenge
Bah weep granah weep ninni bong! It's the universal greeting

User Info: deadpool848

4 years ago#4
Currently doing a White 2 Nuzlocke. Five badges so far and 1 casualty.
Current Team:

Static the Electabuzz
Level 30 - Ability: Static - Nature: Hardy
Quick Attack, Thunder Wave, ThunderPunch, Light Screen
Clamps the Pinsir
Level 30 - Ability: Mold Breaker - Nature: Timid
Harden, Strength, Brick Break, X-Scissor
Steven the Sawsbuck
Level 34 - Ability: Serene Grace - Nature: Timid
Faint Attack, Take Down, Jump Kick, Energy Ball
Leo the Krokorok
Level 30 - Ability: Intimidate - Nature: Lax
Dig, Rock Tomb, Crunch, Cut
Vincent the Dewott
Level 33 - Ability: Torrent - Nature: Nocile
Revenge, Fury Cutter, Surf, Aqua Jet
Viny the Crobat
Level 29 - Ability: Inner Focus - Nature: Adamant
Cross Poison, Confuse Ray, Fly, Bite

I think it's going pretty well so far, none of the Gym leaders were too difficult. This is my first Nuzlocke however so I am finding I am taking a lot more time to train up my team than usual.

User Info: Thepenguinking2

4 years ago#5
I'm doing a black 1 nuzlocke.
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User Info: deadpool848

4 years ago#6
Damn you Drayden, killing 1/2 my team!

User Info: Grammar_man

4 years ago#7
I'm doing a "Randomized" Blue Nuzlocke.

My team so far:

Pinsir(Starter) Lv 10
HP: 42
Atk: 20
Def: 24
Spd: 37
Spc: 17
-Pay Day(Start)

Nidoran F(Route 2) Lv 5
HP: 19
Atk: 10
Def: 10
Spd: 11
Spc: 10

Krabby(Viridian Forest) Lv 7
HP: 21
Atk: 10
Def: 19
Spd: 12
Spc: 21
-Tail Whip(Start)

Dat tanky crab. :P

Rival's starter is an Electric/Bug Machop. Last starter was a Growlithe with Ice/Psychic typing,
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