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Name a Pokemon. I rate it's design (iKhanic edition)

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User Info: noname2lazy

3 years ago#51

User Info: iKhanic

3 years ago#52
Leafeon: 8/10- if they were going to make a grass type evolution, this exactly what it should have looked like. Itís also pretty adorable. The only issue I have with it is its slightly too leafy.
Archeops: 7/10- I like it, I think itís well designed for what itís trying to portray
Rampardos: 6/10- While most of itís body looks completely badass, the blue thing on the head and the spikes really ruin it for me.
Mawile: 3/10- I get that itís based on a legend but that doesnít keep it from being ugly and confusing as crap
Horsea: 9/10- Absolutely adorable. Puts the rest of itís line to shame. I love itís wings
Chandelure: 9/10- Great design, the only reason itís not 10/10 is because it doesnít completely blow me away. But manages to portray a ghost/fire type perfectly with that creepy blank expression
Porygon2: 8/10- I love the smoothed out design. My favorite in the line.
Weavile: 10/10- Another mustelid (weasel/otter/ferret family) that GF knocked out of the park. Sneasel had a slightly juvenile look to it, but Weavile gets rid of all of that to look completely and utterly badass. Weavile also blends into the line perfectly
Gallade- 8/10- I love itís fierce warrior-type look. It blends into its line really well too
Gardevoir- 7/10- Same case with Archeops, I like it and itís well designed, thereís just not much else to say
Black Kyurem: 1/10- I have no idea what GF was thinking with this. Maybe it was ďletís just throw a bunch of design ideas in a blender, and use whatever comes outĒ. Because thatís what it looks like. While Reshiram, Zekrom, and Kyurem all have a rhyme and reason to them, Black Kyurem is just an overdesigned mess
Machamp: 3/10- Ugh another ugly abomination. Machoke looks so cool. Itís what a human-like fighting monster should look like. Machamp is just deformed. They gave it weird numbers of fingers, made it an uglier color, and added a random duck bill.
Scizor: 8/10- Iíve always found it a bit overrated, but I still like it. It sheds several of the mantis elements that I didnít like about, adds a cool eye-like design to both pincers, and just has a very fighter-like design for a bug, that I do like
Deoxys: 5/10- I never really wanted a DNA pokemon, and I suppose itís done alright. Ití does look like an alien, I just donít think itís design looks very nice.
Dialga: 6/10- Slightly overdesigned and it doesnít look much like a dragon. But it does get points for portraying a steel reptile very well.
Garchomp: 3/10- This oneís flipped around a bit. It used to be 2/10. Then I saw itís wings attached to itís arms and went up to 6/10. Then I saw itís backsprite and it went back to 3/10. Firstly, I think hammerhead sharks are one of the ugliest animals in existence. Second, I just donít think merging a dragon with a shark looks very good
Excadrill: 9/10- Executes the mole concept so much better than Dugtrio does.
Clefable: 7/10- I like it. Itís a well designed alien/fairy thing.
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User Info: iKhanic

3 years ago#53
Virizion: 7/10- I really like how graceful and kind it looks
Cobalion: 8/10- My favorite of the legendary ungulates. I love how noble and powerful it looks.
Ninetales: 6/10- Meh. Itís shiny form creeps they hell out of me, and it looks kind of arrogant to me. I like Vulpix MUCH more. That said, the design is simple and effective.
Starmie: 8/10- I think itís a well designed evo for a starfish. Add a second star and give it a royal color scheme.
Arceus: 4/10- ugh, an overdesigned mess. Itís head is oddly shaped. And it has a bunch of random design elements that really just make it look worse.
Ledian: 10/10- I friggin love this thingís design. It has this aviator-like look to it, while retaining itís bug-type appearance.
Ariados: 7/10- Badass spider is badass. But nothing that really blows me away.
Banette: 6/10- I think they did a great job of making a pokemon look like an abandoned toy, but the spur for a tail and the part on the head donít make much sense to me.
Aggron: 10/10- I feel like Aggronís design is a spiritual successor to Tyranitar. It has that Dinosaur like appearance that Nidoking and Rhydon have, but then it has an awesome metal look to it as well.
Mightyena: 7/10- Looks more like a dog than a hyena if you ask me, but I think it gets the job done. Nothing special about it though.
Gyarados: 9/10- They wanted to make a sea-serpent type Dragon and Gyarados delivers in spades. They absolutely nailed it with the additional design elements like the crest on its head. Everything just makes it look more draconic. Itís not 10/10 because something about it really bothers me. But Iím not sure what it is.
Meloetta: 6/10- Iím kind of indifferent to Meloettaís design.
Infernape: 4/10- IMO monkeys are ugly animals, and they are best portrayed as goofy creatures. Thatís why Aipom and Ambipom work well. A badass monkey just comes off as strange
Serperior: 7/10- Looks kind of arrogant, but at the same time I like how they based it of a garter snake but make it look so regal.
Emboar: 3/10- Ugly abomination the fire type. Itís fat, itís face is ugly, and itís WAY overdesigned. People say Oshawott is overdesigned, but at least itís design elements fit with the water theme. Emboar just has random patterns everywhere. Pigs are ugly creatures too. The only reason itís not lower is that the random patterns arenít very detrimental to the design. They just seem arbitrary
Muk: 9/10- THIS is how you design a sludge monster. It just looks so threatening. It looks like it could smother you to death, and as a purple blob, it looks toxic. People like to hate on it as a ďblobĒ, but Pokemonís not the first thing to do a blob monster, and they can actually appear quite threatening
Garbodor: 1/10- The antithesis of Muk. Rather than looking like a threatening embodiment of the waste we create, Garbodorís design just screams DERP. Rather than being just a pile of garbage, they added pipes for arms and these hideous ears. And again, itís face isnít threatening.
Dugtrio: 7/10- Nothing that blows me away, but I am actually a big fan of the ď3 pokeís combined into oneĒ concept. Dugtrio looks like something that controls the earth element, and I like that.
Tyranitar: 10/10- Friggin Reptar crossed with Godzilla. One of the coolest looking pokemon ever designed. Most of the design elements like spikes just make it more rock-like and adds to itís threatening look. The diamond shaped belly looks cool as well.
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User Info: RaidenHero

3 years ago#54

User Info: Great_Reapette

3 years ago#55
'M (FF)
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User Info: LegendofDarkrai

3 years ago#56
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User Info: Chespear213

3 years ago#57
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User Info: Hazmat963

3 years ago#58
Dark Samus for Smash Bros. 4
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User Info: Magmasta

3 years ago#59

Probably going to hate it for the duck bill
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User Info: gzr9k

3 years ago#60
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