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A logical argument as to why there will never be a Pokemon MMO

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User Info: AlI_About_The_U

4 years ago#31
Reminding me how little self-control I tend to have when it comes to MMOs.

User Info: deadpool848

4 years ago#32
Pokemon isnt cut out to be am MMO. The point of the game is to be a Single Player RPG experience to simulate the player going on a pokemon journey. if you want to battle with friends, well you can go and battle with friends and have it not effect your single player experience one bit. The closest thing that GF could do to an MMO is just have a "Online Plaza" type thing where people can go to thats outside of there single player experience with a team of 6 pokemon and just battle random people that are in that plaza. No one really wants random people asking them to batle them every 5 seconds, i think we get enough of that from random trainers XD.

User Info: SMASHKING84

4 years ago#33
mmos aren't turn based

User Info: omegaslash14

4 years ago#34
^Some mmos are.
As long as its a spin off thats fine, I wouldn't have any real problem with it.
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User Info: AceTheMadAngel7

4 years ago#35
A Pokemon MMO will most likely never happen. It goes against the point of what GameFreak had in mind with the franchise. It was made handheld so kids could interact with each other in order to trade and battle together.
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User Info: TranquilSea

4 years ago#36
Krio Lv3 posted...
I know a lot of people that would play a Pokemon MMO, to some it's the only MMO they'd ever play, and I'd play it as well. And really it wouldn't detract too much.

They start with releasing 1st Gen with a fee of something small like 5$ or something, and later add expansions that would be each gen that would cost maybe 2$ more each a month, meaning people without lots of money could just play 1st gen, or could pick their gens, then of course you'd have a package deal later where if you own all 6 gens you'd only pay 10$.

The big raids would be to get Legendaries, each Pokemon would, like this game, be able to spec into being a Sweeper, Wall or Baton Passer depending on how you raise them (which they could do well).

As for gameplay, easy. Normally you control the trainer around towns and stuff, he would be customizable of course, and when you summon Pokemon, a field only you can see (indicated by a line along the ground) would be the distance you can move your Pokemon (This would be a field around the trainer, you wouldn't be able to move too far out of his range), his running speed would be determined by his speed stat so you can dodge moves yourself, evasion would be a random chance to dodge a hit you should take, and accuracy would effect your chance to hit of course, sand attack would make attacks that would normally hit have a chance to miss..

Whenever you control your Pokemon and pick moves to use, your trainer would yell and say stuff, and you would have a command to have your trainer automatically move to your pokemon.

Of course you can duel anyone nearly anywhere and set up rules, Pokemon would fall under groups so you could ban Legendaries if you wanna, OU and UU wouldn't work since GF doesn't care :p.

HM's like Fly and Surf would require side quests and Gym Battles would be like your story quest, but you'd be allowed to venture off and catch all sorts of Pokemon, some people could even take you with them using Surf and Fly, of course with other quests, your own Pokemon could act as mounts.

The game could be awesome if done right. GF does need to try something new. And it'd be a different game, so it really wouldn't take away from the main games at all, that's BS.

It being unnecessary is one thing, but thing is, it also wouldn't work well without being fundamentally different from the main series. In that case, what would it look like? There's a reason so many hack-and-slash grind-fest MMOs exist, and there's also a reason why the MMO industry has been quite stale for the last decade. It's difficult to create a unique MMO experience, and even the traditional ones are problematic for devs (e.g. having to deal with hacks+exploits, lag). But, unless there's a fundamental change in how battles happen, there's nothing new/fresh about this idea. In fact, it's similar enough to the concept of a handheld game with every region (DLC or otherwise).

You also have to appreciate that there's over 600 Pokemon now, soon to be over 700. Some Pokemon are already inferior to others, so people will only be interested in using the best of the best, or risk hindering their party in raids or in their own solo experience. The alternative is actually trying to balance this, which is much easier said than done. Forget a few hundred, MMOs struggle to maintain balance between one or two dozen classes. If we classify everything as a sweeper or a wall, there's bound to be a ton of unnecessary overlapping and outclassing, and if there isn't, then the Pokemon will lose a lot about what makes them unique. They'll just be generic class archetypes, distinguished only by their aesthetics.
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User Info: KIngdomSora50

4 years ago#37
PokeMMO exists.

User Info: KittenLina

4 years ago#38
Pokemon Vortex exists as well, that doesn't make it real.

Also, PokeMMO looks like crap.
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User Info: VSH

4 years ago#39
ITT: A Pokemon MMO has to be just like WoW.
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User Info: SMASHKING84

4 years ago#40
I'd only be fore a pokemon mmo if it played like dragon quest ix.
1.DQ IX has a single player unlike most mmos's turn based
3.The plot is actually well thought out.
4.Character Customization Invloves more then a couple presets(already confirmed for x&y)
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