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So Gen 5 is nearing its end......

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User Info: Lux_Sentou

4 years ago#21
Best story in pokemon games ever (not that that's saying much).
In fact, at least in B/W (the sequels are a bit more debateable), I'd daresay the story was good period. It dealt with decent issues, had some pretty memorable charaacters (N and Ghestis are easy, but I very much liked Hugh and Cheren, as well). It also finally dealt with a question I've had with pokemon games for a while: why is it ok to send kids out to participate in what are basically legal cock fights/dog fights? Props to nintendo for finally tacking that, and putting actual (albeit shallow) moral questions into their pokemon games. Infinitely better than "i want to destroy the universe because reasons," or "I want to steal pokemon because STEAL ALL THE POKEMON!"

Or the always memorable "lets flood/dry up the world, because why the hell not!!?" followed shortly by "Oh no, I'm flooding/drying up the world! I didn't want this!"

Lets hope gen 6 takes it even further. I know it'll never happen in this gen, but I would like, eventually, for games to feature a full scale pokemon war, that the protagonist will participate in (hell, maybe they'll even let us (gasp!) choose sides!)
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User Info: MalkyeaImbak

4 years ago#23
Awesome new pokemon (Sawk, Zebstrika, Scolipede, Haxorus)
Awesome Music
Choosing the e4 order
gym leaders helped in story
Story was the best poke story to date imo
Reusable tm's
Dream World abilities
World Tournament
Faster gameplay
Triple battles and Roulette battles
Post game content was pretty good
Random Wifi battles
Improved Wifi/GTS

No battle frontier
Smogon going ban happy and Weather
No option to choose team preview/no team preview (Problem started from battle revolution)
rival/champion music for bw1
No DW feraligator or Raikou yet (Gamefreak wtf)

User Info: garekman

4 years ago#24
Well... I've only played Gens 1&2 then this one, but...

-Nice music (Coballion/Terrakion/Virizion theme)
-Nice story
-A lot of characters that appear in the story
-Different XP depending on ally/enemy pokemon lvls.
-Awesome pokemon designs
-Reusable TM
-Only new Gen 5 pokemon available until post game

-Lot of things to do
-Support characters fight alongside you
-Few version exclusive pokemon

-Very linear
-Different XP depending on ally/enemy pokemon lvls
-Horrible pokemon designs
-Lack of fishing until post game

-Lack of fishing

User Info: asdfggghh1

4 years ago#25
Codarus posted...
Swamp-marsh-mud posted...
lets face it, gen 5 brought some of the worst designs ever in Pokemon (however that does not mean I hate that Pokemon, because of design).

To be honest, I liked the gen 5 designs. I find that people often ignore many of the simple gen 1 designs, such as:
Magnemite becomes 3 Magnemites
Diglett becomes 3 Digletts with angry eyebrows
Grimer becomes a bigger grimer with an altered face
Voltorb turns upsidedown, and has a different face

Simple does not mean bad.
Gen 5 feels overdone.
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User Info: Hellraiser234

4 years ago#26
Generation five was great. The introduction of re-usable TMs made creating a viable team MUCH easier, and I loved the fact that at least the first games were treated almost like a reboot of the series, with absolutely no older Pokemon available until post-game. It really brought back that feeling of wonder that I had when playing Blue version as a kid, and required me to experiment with new Pokemon a lot more than I usually would, in order to find a team that I liked.

Bringing back move tutors in Black and White 2 was genius, and makes me wonder why they ever thought it would be a good idea to remove them in the first place. Marowak with Outrage is damn near unstoppable (in-game, at least)! I also enjoyed the inclusion of Hidden Hollows, but I do wish it wasn't quite so rare to find a Pokemon inside. I can't count the number of times I've gone to one, only to find a simple Potion. Or nothing at all, despite it being my first visit to that location.

The story was definitely the best in the series so far, without question. Team Plasma was actually somewhat believable, and had a plan that I thought could actually work. I loved the fact that they passed themselves off as a Humane Society type group, even going so far as having some of their members actually believe that's what they were. I found the rival in B/W2 to be rather annoying, but it was great that you got to fight him so often. Same goes for Bianca and Cheren in the first games.
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User Info: redFOX381

4 years ago#27
I agree that the Pokemon designs got worse and some of them are easily forgettable. I can't even remember or pronounce the names of some of the Gen V pkmn. As expected, the graphics improved. The music was pretty good. I found the Unova region too small; there's only 18 routes...
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User Info: P0k3m0nWaRR10R8

4 years ago#28
Although they didn't bring my anticipated RSE remakes, I still vote Gen V equal to Gen III as my favorite generation. Great atmosphere, region, story, and pokes; was incredibly refreshing for me after Gen IV.
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User Info: TranquilSea

4 years ago#29
The good missing features from past gens (e.g. exclusion of the VS Seeker and no auto-run) is the only thing I can really fault Gen 5 for. I got over the pixelated back sprites, and I still prefer Gen 5's designs to Gen 4's.
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User Info: PT_Piranha

4 years ago#30
It removed a lot of the cool side stuff, but they made up for it with some interesting things of their own, improved and streamlined gameplay features, and putting more emphasis on story and characters.

And as a big fan of video game music, Gen V would get my seal of approval, if I had one.

So overall, while I was okay with Platinum and I really liked HeartGold, but Black and Black 2 easily outdid them for me.
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