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ITT: Make your own fake leaks.

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User Info: ISECream

4 years ago#11
Xazeal posted...
If you evolve Luvdisc into Alomomola and equip the Swimming Goggles, you will be able to access an underwater Airport. And yes, it does take you to Hoenn.

My spoon told me this.

O_O OMG, tell me how to evolve Luvdisc into Alomomola NOW! That would be LUVtasDISC! (See what I did there).

User Info: slothica

4 years ago#12
My third cousin's husband's imaginary friend whispers ideas into Junichi Masuda's head, and recently he's been sending me phantom messages through ghost carrier pigeons, so I know the following is true;

+Spinda will get a split evolution tree with three possible evolutions; one is normal/ghost, normal/psychic, normal/dark. All have a BST of 580, but he didn't elaborate any further.

+There is an ability called "Talented," which eliminates STAB in favor of giving the pokemon a 1.2x bonus on all attack moves.

+Mewtwo's ability in his Awakened form will be "Arcane." It calculates the damage of all attack moves using its Sp. Attack.

+Unknown will evolve into Missingno, which looks very similar to the glitch Missingno from RBY, but it is comprised of many smaller Unknown's, kind of like they all combined with each other.

+If a dream world ditto holds the everstone while breeding, the child will have their hidden ability 75% of the time.

+Ice is getting a much need buff. Rock will no longer hit Ice super-effectively. In addition, an Ice-type "Stealth Rocks" will be one of the new moves added.

+Rapidash will finally get its flaming pegasus evolution. To encourage its use as (as it is Fire/Flying), it will be given the ability "Great Gale," which will clear entry hazards and weather upon switching in.
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User Info: gwithy16

4 years ago#13
slothica posted...

+Unknown will evolve into Missingno, which looks very similar to the glitch Missingno from RBY, but it is comprised of many smaller Unknown's, kind of like they all combined with each other.


hope your source is reliable!
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User Info: Xerneas66

4 years ago#14
My cat's old owner's mother's 5th brother's ex-wife's uncle who works for GF sent me this email:

- Flabebe evolves into Fleustress or Fleusuir depending on gender. They are both Fairy/Grass. Fleustress is defensively-based whilst Fleusuir is offensively based. He didn't mention their abilities.

-Gogoat has a pre-evo, Migoat. Several pre-schoolers ingame ride them, though they're too small to be ridden by the player character.

-Helioptile evolves into Synthotile. It is Electric/Grass. It resembles the Dilphosaurus from Jurassic Park (with the head frill). It has a new ability, Solar Gain, which lets Synthotile recover it's HP in the sun (I'm assuming this is like Rain Dish/Ice Body).

-Blazaconda is a Fire/Dark serpent. It has a black cape, and long fangs.

-There are 4 fossils, 2 herbivore and 2 carnivore. The Dimetrodon and Diplodocus are exclusive to X, whilst the Ankylosaurus and Allosaurus are exclusive to Y.

-Like many have speculated, Inkay and Malimar are indeed based on squid. Inkay is a Dark type which looks like a small black pot with tentacles coming out, and eyes in the centre (similar to Shellder). Malimar is fully out of the pot when it evolves, and has strange purple markings on it's body. He noted that Malimar doesn't learn any notable moves until around level 45, so whilst Inkay can be caught reasonably early on, it's better to not let it evolve.

-There's a Poison trio of legendaries, based on land, sea and air pollution respectively.

User Info: AlI_About_The_U

4 years ago#15
My uncle says there will be a character based on Bo Jackson and also Mega Man has joined the roster.

User Info: DweezleMoonunit

4 years ago#16
So my friend's mother's ex boyfriend's daughter's friend's handler from when he was undercover in Saudi Arabia told me that;

-Xerneas is Fairy/Echo and that Yveltal is Bird/Bird.
-There's a new town called Longbreadton where people with heaps of Litleos bake bread day in and day out, and that Litleo doesn't evolve into a manticore, but into a French chef
-Absol has been retconned to Dark/Normal so that it gets rekt by Fighting like it was always intended
-You can reset EVs but you can only do it to one Pokemon every 24 hours. That time limit will be removed in the third version, codenamed POKEMON Q
-Instead of backwards compatibility, you have to mail your Gen 5 game cards to Gamefreak in Japan, and they will extract the data from them and allow only six old mons to be transferred, and all EVs are reset
-There's a new Pokemon called Wigglwaggl, a pink snake that wears a hood. It is Fairy type
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User Info: fedartz

4 years ago#17
-If you finished this games before 1 hour, Masuda will appear in your dream and congrats you after the credit roll.
-You will be able to sit on a bench only after you defeated the champion.
-You will only able to ride Gogoat and other four legged pokemon using HM Rideback
-You wont be able to catch the Z pokemon even after you have defeated the Champion.
-Doduo, dudrio and Delibird are the only Flying type that cannot participate in a Sky battle.
-According to Masuda, 20 years has passed after the BW2.
-Prof. Blue will become of the researcher of this region.
-May is your mom and told you she's from Hoenn before she decided to stay in Kalos.
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User Info: LRPG

4 years ago#18
Straight out of my friend's sister who works security for Gamefreak studios in Japan. Here are some of things she found while working there and these are 100% legit real:

-There is going to be a new groundbreaking feature known as "realistic Pokemon encounter" In any land based area where you fight wild Pokemon there is a 10% chance that a wild Pokemon will be any random Pokemon with a random level! This option can turn off or on depending on your preference before you start a new game.

-Another new feature in this game is assigning a Pokemon as your "Ace Pokemon". Pokemon assigned as your "Ace Pokemon" have the ability to redistribute it's stats to your liking. For example if your "Ace Pokemon" is level 1 it's base stats would be 72 and you can put those stats to Attack or Defense or any other stat it's your chose. Once it hits level 100 it's base stats would be equivalent of Arceus being 720 (w/EV)! How to distribute or change/assign you ace Pokemon can only be done at your house where you train with the Pokemon and share an irreplaceable bond. The earliest you can assign a Pokemon as your "Ace" will be before your 1st Gym Battle and must assign one after your 1st Gym battle. Changing your "Ace Pokemon" can be done anything time but be warned Pokemon who used to be your "Ace Pokemon" will hate you, it's stats go back to normal and it's EV would go back to 0. Also other trainers you face will also have a Ace Pokemon delivering more of a challenge to you with their own unique ability.

-Rules for an Ace Pokemon:
-It holds an item that can't be removed which is "Ace Medal" which does nothing but prove the status that it is the "Ace Pokemon".
-It's ability is changed to "Trainer's Trump Card" which increases all it's PP by 5, it's Critical hit ratio is up by 5%, deals 5% more of Super effective damage/ Critical Damage, and 2% better accuracy in all it's moves.

-Also the following Pokemon will get an Evolution *Brace yourselves*
-Pinsir will evolve into a Bug/Dark Pokemon that has signature bug move that is super effective to Rock Pokemon.
-Mawhile into a Steel/Fairy Pokemon
-Sharpedo into a a fledged shark and will have a water move that is super effective always if the battle is on water.
-Dunsparce into a Ground/Normal Pokemon. The Pokemon best be described as a Sand Leviathan.
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User Info: fffire24

4 years ago#19

-Litleo has three evolutions. One is a Fighting/Fire lion with a fire mane called Adleo. One is a Poison/Fire manticore called Maleo. The third one is a Fairy/Fire Sphynx called Syleo.

These ones are quite impressive. I wish they were real.

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User Info: DweezleMoonunit

4 years ago#20
DweezleMoonunit posted...
There's a new Pokemon called Wigglwaggl, a pink snake that wears a hood and spits a strange substance on its enemies when it's excited. It is Fairy/Poison type

Sorry, I forgot to finish my awful description for Wigglwaggl
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