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ITT: Make your own fake leaks.

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User Info: Krio Lv3

Krio Lv3
4 years ago#21
Apparently a lot of Pokemon are getting Evo's this time around, it's a long chain but someone who works in the games development has a nephew, and a friend's sister's boyfriend know him.

Rapidash to a Pegasus is confirmed, along with the Great Gale ability.
Farfetch'd to Absur'd, Flying/Fighting.
Arbok to Adnocana, Poison.
Raticate to an unnamed Evo, Poison/Normal, with a new move Poison Crunch.
Parasect to an unnamed Evo, Bug/Grass with a Giga Drain like move, only with a chance to Poison.
Dugtrio to something with part of a body (apparently), Ground.
Sandslash to an unnamed Evo, Ground/Fighting.
Fearow to a Flying/Fire Evo unnamed, said to be a relative to Ho oh.
Venomoth to a unnamed Evo retaining it's type, this will make Venonat available early on.
Persian to something more fierce, retaining it's Normal type sadly.
Golduck to Negaduck, Dark/Water, said to be like a Special Sharpedo.
Primeape will evolve to a Rock/Fighting Pokemon, something like Slaking without the Slack.
Dewgone is getting a much needed Evo as well, no name yet but let's say it'll be a true Ice type.
Muk will move up to an unnamed Evo, no duel typing but much stronger.
Seaking will evolve into Seakingodon, still pure Water.
Jynx will become an Ice/Psychic as beautiful a Gardevior.
Kangaskhan with be given a Prevo known as Kangaskid, depending on Gender, males can become Kangasking after first evolving to Kangaskhan, a Ground/Fighting pokemon more bulky than the Sandslash evo, females can evolve to Kangasqueen, Rock/Fighting.
Pinsir will finally get an Evl putting it on even footing with Sizcor, a Bug/Dark with a Bug Type move that is SE vs Rock.
Mr. Mime will get a Pure Psychic evo comparable with Alakazem.
Electrode will get an Evo that's mainly to up his attacking stats slightly, hopefully poeple will use him now.
Exeggutor will get an evo mainly to give it a better Special Ability, Filter.

He says he'll send me stuff on Gen 2 soon, ill keep you posted.
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User Info: lanelazerbeam

4 years ago#22
hotrodneptune32 posted...
Xazeal posted...
If you evolve Luvdisc into Alomomola and equip the Swimming Goggles, you will be able to access an underwater Airport. And yes, it does take you to Hoenn.

My spoon told me this.

You just made my week.
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User Info: lanelazerbeam

4 years ago#23
My uncle that works for game freak just told me Fairy will end up being the poison type now, always made fun of and one of the worst types.
Official Hydreigon of the Pokemon X/Y boards!

User Info: VIIVincent

4 years ago#24
My dog's original owner's daughter's boyfriend's mother's brother works at Gamefreak and sent me this:

Living Sword Pokemon - Ghost/Steel with Levitate. Evolves into split evolution of a Samurai Sword and a Sledge Hammer. Both Ghost/Steel.

Living Armor Pokemon - Ghost/Steel with Clear Body. Evolves into a bigger living armor Pokemon then into a Floating Living Armor Pokemon. Ghost/Steel with Levitate.

to evolve either Living Armor or Sword Pokemon you must have both Living Armor and Living Sword in the party to evolve them. Split evolution of Samurai sword and Sledge Hammer needs the Living Sword to hold Steel Blade item or Steel Shard while Living Armor evolves at LV30 and LV40.

Fairy Mage Pokemon - Fairy/Psychic type. Holds a wand and there are 3 wands in the game that will boost this Pokemon's stats. Offense Wand increases ATK by 70%. Mind Wand increases SpATK by 70%. Supreme Wand increases ATK, SpATK and Speed by 30%.

Dark/Flying Bat Pokemon - Dark/Flying bat evolves at LV35 into a bigger Dark/Flying fox-bat hybrid. Focuses on SpATK and Speed. New Ability: Shadow Hunter - Boosts Dark type attacks by 20%. NVE damage becomes neutral damage.
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User Info: Meta289

4 years ago#25
My girlfriend's ex-girlfriend's wife's son's dog's tapeworm told me that there will be two more new types: Soap and Grease. There will be a Grease typed monkey called Panfry, who can use the move Bacon Grease, which is a Grease type version of Scald; it sprays boiling bacon grease onto the opponent, dealing damage and possibly burn them.
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User Info: gwithy16

4 years ago#26
Wow guys, I got some more news today. I was walking by my 3rd grade teacher's house and a squirrel gave me some cool new info.

~There is a new trio of electric Pokemon (kind of similar to the Rotom forms). These are not legendary and in the fourth town, you choose which one you want. Elefan is the fan Pokemon (electric/flying), Elefridge is the fridge Pokemon (electric/ice), and Elewave is the microwave Pokemon (electric/fire).

~There will be around 30 different Pokemon available to catch and train up to the 3rd gym. My source says Gamefreak heard complaints about only seeing Patrats and Pidoves on the early routes so they added a lot of variety.

~Atheball is the athlete Pokemon. It holds a football in one hand while balancing a baseball on its head. Many of its moves are only learn-able by it. "Hail Mary" is a new fighting move similar to Future Sight and "Strikeout" is similar to Guillotine. Atheball does not evolve and it is fighting type.

~Pumpflare is the tiny pumpkin Pokemon. It is pure fire type and learns a new move called "Light Up." It evolves into Flamekin, which is a huge Fire/Grass Jack-o'-lantern. It learns "Frighten," which will confuse the foe and have a base power of 20.

~Flamingy is the Flamingo Pokemon. It is water and fairy. The squirrel didn't know if it evolves or not.

~Starmean is the mean star Pokemon. It learns all the moves you would think- Wish, Meteor Mash, Moonlight, etc. It is pure fairy type. It evolves into Galatude, which is 4 stars put together, each with a different expression on its face.

~The squirrel told me one of the coolest evolution lines will be officially announced in the next CoroCoro. The final evo is steel and dragon.
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User Info: Armosis

4 years ago#27
VIIVincent posted...
Dark/Flying Bat Pokemon - Dark/Flying bat evolves at LV35 into a bigger Dark/Flying fox-bat hybrid. Focuses on SpATK and Speed. New Ability: Shadow Hunter - Boosts Dark type attacks by 20%. NVE damage becomes neutral damage.

giv pls D:

User Info: MVK23

4 years ago#28
I gave money to a homeless veteran who was living under the underpass and he told me that he used to work for Sony.

- He said BLASOITSE would be in this game
- RobSchneider type is a new type that goes hand in hand with Fairy type.
- RS type is weak to Fire, Water, Flying, Echo, Fairy, Steel, Normal, Dragon, Dark, Psychic
- RS type is SE against every type
- 5th gym will be RobSchneider type and the leader will be Adam Sandler.
- He has a Swanna, a Feraligatr, and a new Pokemon called Scubaste.
- When he loses, he yells at his Pokemon, "YOU BLEW IT!"
- Elite Four champion will be John Stamos, of all people
- Your rival's name is Gaben
- Fairy type is JUST A RUMOR, Square has no plans of adding Fairy type to the game.
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User Info: zombiabsol

4 years ago#29
You, right there, yeah you, will be buying my awesome games one day and so will your friends #dealwithit.
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User Info: yuppsta

4 years ago#30
In my recent travels, I had stumbled across a quaint little park not too far from the GameFreak headquarters. I began to walk underneath an overpass, where only the humming from the tires above can be heard. As I reach the end of the dimly lit passage, a cloaked figure began to encroach. Our eyes meet and lock, and the sound of bending metal pierced my ears. Removing his hood, he reveals himself to be a Bisharp. With worry in his eyes, he urged me to come closer. As I neared him, you could feel him emitting pressure, yet he still trembled. Looking me directly in the eyes, he whispers "They're all fire/fighting, every last one....". One metallic tear was shed; dripping down his cold face.

all fire/fighting confirmed.
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