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Gen VI Mystery Dungeon Quiz.

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User Info: gladwyn101

4 years ago#1
Just for fun, take the quiz to see what Pokemon you are. All natures are represented and have a total of 12 points maximum per Nature.

Please do not post until I finish posting the questionnaire and results key.

Have you ever blurted something out without thinking about the consequences first?
Yes, and I often jump to the wrong conclusions. +2 Naïve, +1 Hasty
Yes, but I’m often right about what I’m saying. +2 Sassy, +1 Bold
No, I always think before I speak. +2 Careful, +1 Mild
No, I prefer to remain silent. It’s too risky to share my opinion. +2 Quiet, +1 Timid

How would you describe you level of self-confidence?
I’m the best person there is! +2 Sassy
I am often certain that I will succeed. +2 Bold
I’m quite confident, but I have my flaws. +2 Careful
I often doubt myself. +2 Modest
I don’t think I’m worth any merit. +2 Bashful

Which would you prefer to do: Spend an hour playing sports or an hour reading a good book?
Sports +2 Adamant, +2 Rash
Reading +2 Calm, +1 Quiet
Booorring! I’m just gonna play video games! +2 Impish, +1 Sassy
I’d rather just take a nap… +2 Lax, +1 Relaxed

You’re thirsty and go to a vending machine. Which beverage do you order?
Bottled water +1 Calm, +1 Gentle
A can of soda +2 Impish
Juice +1 Sassy
Milk +1 Hardy
Lemonade +2 Lax
Iced Tea +1 Quiet, +1 Modest

Do you consider yourself outgoing or do you prefer your alone-time?
I prefer to be alone. +2 Quiet, +1 Bashful
I prefer to be around lots of people. +1 Jolly, +1 Lonely
I prefer to hang out with a few others every now and then. +2 Relaxed, +1 Modest

Which would you prefer to have: Wealth, Power, or Fame?
Wealth +1 Impish
Power +2 Naughty
Fame +1 Jolly
I don’t want any of them. +2 Modest

You are taking a test when you notice someone copying the answers off of another student’s paper. What do you do?
Immediately call them out on it in the middle of class. +2 Hardy, +1 Brave
Finish your test then discretely inform the instructor. +2 Quiet, +1 Serious
Ignore him; it’s none of my business. +2 Mild, +1 Calm

Do you believe in supernatural phenomena?
Yes. +2 Naïve
I’m not sure. +1 Bashful, +1 Relaxed
Not at all. +2 Brave, +1 Serious

Do you believe the ends justify the means?
Of course, sometimes you need to do bad things for the greater good. +2 Naughty, +1 Bold
Sometimes, it depends on the situation. +2 Calm, +1 Timid
Absolutely not, one must stick with good acts for good outcomes to occur. +2 Hardy, +1 Gentle

You’re at a movie theater. What kind of movie do you choose to see?
Action +2 Rash
Romance +2 Gentle
Comedy +2 Jolly
Mystery +2 Serious
Horror +2 Brave
Sci-Fi/Fantasy +2 Naive

Do you consider yourself an optimist or a pessimist?
Optimist +1 Jolly
Pessimist +1 Sassy
Somewhere in-between. +1 Quirky, +1 Docile

When you are getting dressed in the morning, how do you choose your apparel for the day?
Something that is stylish. I want to fit in. +2 Sassy, +1 Lonely
Something that feels comfortable. +2 Mild, +1 Gentle
The first thing I see, it doesn’t matter. +2 Quirky, +1 Hasty

You find yourself locked in a room? How do you get out?
Break down the door by force! +2 Rash, +1 Adamant
Try to pick the lock with a bobby pin or paper clip. +2 Impish, +1 Calm
Blow open the door with the cherry bomb in my pocket. +2 Naughty, +1 Hasty
Call out for help! +2 Timid, +1 Lonely
4e is not D&D, but WoW making a Disguise check.
Pokemon Black Friend Code: 0605-2800-9952; Trainer Name: Solace; First Pokemon (roleplaying): Shiny Umbreon

User Info: gladwyn101

4 years ago#2
There is a zombie apocalypse! What do you do?
Fight off the horde! +2 Brave, +1 Rash
Gather supplies and wait it out somewhere secure. +2 Careful, +1 Hasty
Run away! +2 Timid

You’re about to participate in a fantasy role-playing game with some friends? Which role do you prefer?
The barbarian +2 Bold
The knight +1 Hardy, +1 Brave
The archer +1 Careful, +1 Timid
The thief +2 Naughty
The healer +1 Gentle, +1 Docile
The wizard +1 Calm, +1 Serious
The minstrel +2 Jolly

How do you back up your arguments?
With passion and conviction. +2 Adamant, +1 Serious
With facts and logic. +2 Hardy, +1 Calm
With charm and charisma. +2 Docile, +1 Relaxed

Are you a person of few words, or many?
A few. +2 Quiet, +1 Bashful
I like to talk a lot so I can finish my thoughts fully and openly. +2 Rash, +1 Jolly

Yesterday you bought something you really wanted, but today you notice that the thing you bought yesterday is on sale for 50% off! How do you feel?
So angry I go up to the counter and demand half my money back. +2 Adamant, +1 Hasty
A bit crestfallen… +2 Mild, +1 Gentle
Oh, well. Just bad timing I guess. +2 Relaxed, +1 Docile

You pour some cereal into a bowl when you realize that the milk is past its expiration date. What do you do?
Dump the milk into the sink. +2 Hasty, +1 Serious
Smell the milk first to see if it is sour. +2 Quirky, +1 Careful
I’m sure the milk is just fine! *pours on cereal* +2 Naïve, +1 Brave

Everyone’s sharing a dessert and there’s an extra piece. What do you do?
Ignore it. I don’t want another piece anyway. +2 Docile, +1 Quirky
Ask if anyone wants to split it. +2 Bashful, +1 Gentle
Take the extra piece. First come, first served! +2 Bold, +1 Naughty

You failed at something miserably, and everyone knows it. What do you do?
Meh, pobody’s nerfect. +2 Modest, +1 Relaxed
It’s not my fault! +1 Naïve, +1 Sassy
Find a place where I can be alone. +2 Timid, +1 Gentle

You and your friends are watching a video on the internet. Everyone thinks it’s hilarious, but you think it’s pretty stupid. What do you do?
Laugh along anyway. +2 Lonely
Openly state your disdain. +2 Adamant, +1 Sassy
Say nothing. +1 Quiet, +1 Modest

You find two items in the store that you want with equal desire, but you only have enough money to purchase one. How do you decide which one to pick?
Flipping a coin. +2 Quirky, +1 Lax
Asking for another opinion. +2 Lonely, +1 Bold
Mull it over for a while. +2 Lax, +1 Careful

How do you feel about change?
I don’t like it when things change. +2 Adamant
It depends on the change. +2 Mild, +1 Quirky
Love it, keeps things fresh! +2 Impish, +1 Relaxed
I just live with it, whether I like it or not. +2 Serious, +1 Hardy
4e is not D&D, but WoW making a Disguise check.
Pokemon Black Friend Code: 0605-2800-9952; Trainer Name: Solace; First Pokemon (roleplaying): Shiny Umbreon

User Info: gladwyn101

4 years ago#3
What are your favorite and least favorite flavors, respectively?
Sweet, Spicy. +2 Timid
Sweet, Sour. +2 Hasty
Sweet, Salty. +2 Jolly
Sweet, Bitter. +2 Naive
Sweet, None. +2 Bashful

Spicy, Sweet. +2 Brave
Spicy, Sour. +2 Lonely
Spicy, Bitter. +2 Naughty
Spicy, Salty. +2 Adamant
Spicy, None. +2 Hardy

Sour, Sweet. +2 Relaxed
Sour, Spicy. +2 Bold
Sour, Bitter. +2 Lax
Sour, Salty. +2 Impish
Sour, None. +2 Serious

Bitter, Sweet. +2 Sassy
Bitter, Spicy. +2 Calm
Bitter, Sour. +2 Gentle
Bitter, Salty. +2 Careful
Bitter, None. +2 Quirky

Salty, Sweet. +2 Quiet
Salty, Spicy. +2 Modest
Salty, Sour. +2 Mild
Salty, Bitter. +2 Rash
Salty, None. +2 Docile

What kind of Pokemon are your favorite and least favorite, respectively?
Cute, Cool. +1 Timid
Cute, Tough. +1 Hasty
Cute, Beautiful. +1 Jolly
Cute, Smart. +1 Naive
Cute, None. +1 Bashful

Cool, Cute. +1 Brave
Cool, Tough. +1 Lonely
Cool, Smart. +1 Naughty
Cool, Beautiful. +1 Adamant
Cool, None. +1 Hardy

Tough, Cute. +1 Relaxed
Tough, Cool. +1 Bold
Tough, Smart. +1 Lax
Tough, Beautiful. +1 Impish
Tough, None. +1 Serious

Smart, Cute. +1 Sassy
Smart, Cool. +1 Calm
Smart, Tough. +1 Gentle
Smart, Beautiful. +1 Careful
Smart, None. +1 Quirky

Beautiful, Cute. +1 Quiet
Beautiful, Cool. +1 Modest
Beautiful, Tough. +1 Mild
Beautiful, Smart. +1 Rash
Beautiful, None. +1 Docile

Compare your results to the list below, and post your top three results.
Pokemon Male Female
Bulbasaur Mild Docile
Charmander Hardy Brave
Squirtle Quirky Timid
Pikachu Brave Hardy
Meowth Naughty Bold
Eevee Gentle Naïve
Chikorita Bashful Lax
Cyndaquil Timid Careful
Totodile Jolly Bashful
Larvitar Adamant Serious
Treecko Quiet Lonely
Torchic Modest Gentle
Mudkip Docile Mild
Turtwig Lax Relaxed
Chimchar Naïve Rash
Piplup Hasty Adamant
Riolu Serious Hasty
Snivy Sassy Quiet
Tepig Relaxed Jolly
Oshawott Lonely Modest
Zorua Impish Naughty
Axew Bold Sassy
Chespin Rash Impish
Fennekin Careful Calm
Froakie Calm Quirky

I got in order:
1) Snivy (Sassy +8)
2) Chimchar (Naive +7)
3) Treecko (Quiet +6)
4e is not D&D, but WoW making a Disguise check.
Pokemon Black Friend Code: 0605-2800-9952; Trainer Name: Solace; First Pokemon (roleplaying): Shiny Umbreon
(message deleted)

User Info: Thepenguinking2

4 years ago#5
5 careful
3 mild
3 impish
3 sassy
4 quiet
6 bashful
4 hardy
3 brave
3 relaxed
4 calm
5 timid
5 rash
4 quirky
2 docile
3 hasty
3 adamant
2 serious
2 gentle
2 lax
According to this, I'm chikorita.
Not changing this sig until Sigilyph becomes UU or OU.
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User Info: MrMaho

4 years ago#6
1) Froakie (Calm +7)
2) Bulbasaur (Mild +6)
3) Torchic (Modest +5)

Sooo...I'm a Froakie.
Official Miror Admin with Shadow Gardevoir and Shadow Dusclops

User Info: MagneticSpark

4 years ago#7
i guess im a froakie. (+7 calm)

User Info: GX1997

4 years ago#8
What am I supposed to do with a four way tie for first place?Can I please get a tiebreaker question TC?
Kingdom Hearts 3! I knew there was a reason to keep watching! :D
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User Info: MetaFalconPunch

4 years ago#9
Aint nobody got time for that (right now)

*tracks topic*
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User Info: Umuru

4 years ago#10
Looks like Timid 8 - Cyndaquil

and a threeway tie after that:

Quiet 6 - Treecko
Mild 6 - Bulbasaur
Quirky 6 - Squirtle
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