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What starter are you choosing and why?

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User Info: matt-nicklin

4 years ago#31
Not the fire one, I don't want another fire/fighting starter
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User Info: edwardsharpe

4 years ago#32

That's my ranking for them right now in terms of design. If Froakie's final evo is a flop, I'll go for Fennekin.
And if rumors are true than Froakie is supposed to become Water/Fighting.
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User Info: DoctorPiranha3

4 years ago#33
patkelly929 posted...
Froakie, for a couple reasons.

1. I usually pick the water starter for my first play through.
2. I like the design.
3. Image that frog with a top hat and monocle.
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User Info: SoIldSnlvy

4 years ago#34
Going for Fennekin, it's the first gen i've liked the fire type starter the most so this'll be interesting.
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User Info: Kitschgardener

4 years ago#35
Froakie, probably because Water's a fairly safe type battle-wise, choosing it ensures a Surf-compatible 'mon in the party, and because it gets quite a bit of hate for not being furry or smiley. Chespin's a strong second though.

I'll probably box my starter in any case.

User Info: Thepenguinking2

4 years ago#36
I was thinking of choosing fennekin, but then I realized something:
In gen 1 and 2, I chose Charmander and Cyndaquil.
In gen 3 and 4, I chose Mudkip and Piplup.
and in gen 5, I chose Snivy.
I had an unintended trend.
So I'm going for chespin. Froakie is horrible.
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User Info: SliceSabre

4 years ago#37
Chespin. I am 100% sold on its design moreso than the other two.
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User Info: universaltofu

4 years ago#38
Based on my previous picks :
Squirtle > Cyndaquil > Treecko > Turtwig > Tepig > I guess Froakie is next, hoping for a neat evolution and maybe a cool secondary type.
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User Info: hyperskate65

4 years ago#39
Fennekin. Fire all the way, baby.
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User Info: GoIdenAce

4 years ago#40
I'm all about the underdogs

emerald was treeko
pearl was turtwig
black was oshawott
and in Y it will be Chespin
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