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Longest 1 vs. 1 battle of all time

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User Info: pokemonfreak97

4 years ago#1
So, if you didn't know, for all of June (as in, until Sunday), Smogon's "Other Metagame of the Month" is 1 vs. 1. This is exactly what it sounds like; don't know the specifics of the rules but it is fun and usually < 10 turns.

Unless you end up with this. 68 turns between a para-flinch Jirachi with Wish and Recycle as its two other moves (besides the mandatory Iron Head and Thunder Wave) holding a Lum Berry and a Cresselia with Moonlight, Psychic, Ice Beam, and Toxic holding Leftovers; definitely a stall set. Watch on very fast and feel free to skip turns between when Jirachi starts spamming Thunder Wave and about turn 60.

I've had a lot of success with this Jirachi; made it to the mid-1700s in ranking (which I think means "above mediocre"). The most unexpected thing about it is how well it deals with status conditions that aren't STUPID LEECH SEED. Recycle + Lum Berry is great for both stalling status users and just surviving status in general. Also great against anyone who uses Swagger.
nuskooI posted...
You nooblet mainstreamers and your reverse nostalgia.

User Info: Whats_Up4444

4 years ago#2
Had to read the log for why you was spamming Thunder Wave.
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User Info: Oblivion_Hero

4 years ago#3
I like how you said good luck only after paralyzing him, right before going for the paraflinch kill.
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User Info: megamanx1291

4 years ago#4
There is a 0% chance of this happening.
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User Info: deadpool848

4 years ago#5
I had a battle in the Battle subway where the only pokemon that were left were my skarmory and enemie Amoonguss.

Skarmory: Leftovers
Steel Wing

Ammongus: Leftovers
Giga Drain

Took 1/2 an hour, i literaly had to wait for the ammongus to start struggling because Fly would miss a bunch, steel wing did nothing, and he had so much healing it was just silly.

User Info: Roc_Raida

4 years ago#6
Whats_Up4444 posted...
Had to read the log for why you was spamming Thunder Wave.

You didn't even need to read the log to know what TC was trying to do.
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