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Hardest Gym Leader for each Gen. IYO

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User Info: MasterCyndaquil

4 years ago#11
1st generation... Misty. I struggled with her a lot more so than Brock as Charmander was my starter

2nd... definitely Whitney DAT MILTANK

3rd... I would say Tate and Liza because it was a double battle, a mechanic I was still not used to at the time obviously, because it was new.

4th... uhm... Volkner I guess?!

5th... probably Marlon...
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User Info: TheRealCynthia

4 years ago#12
Gen 1 - I heard that Sabrina could be hard, especially pre-nerf of the psychics.
Gen 2 - Whitney can be hard. Morty can also be hard, especially without a dark type like Umbreon. Claire can be a journey if you don't have a counter to her dragons.
Gen 3 - Norman's Slaking is a pain for trainers.
Gen 4 - Maylene because that Lucario is a good pokemon...I know from using one myself.
Gen 5 - Drayden can be a challenge.

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User Info: Featherine

4 years ago#13
Being weak to Whitney, and promoting her apparent difficulty, is too mainsteam.

(Seriously though she isn't that hard).

User Info: LightningAce11

4 years ago#14
Gen 1: dunno. Never played past pewter.

Gen 2: dunno. I don't have any memories of playing it, it was that forgettable.

Gen 3: Kanto was easy, hoenn probably brawly (damn bulk up) and liz and Tate.

Gen 4: pretty easy.

Gen 5: all were easy.
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User Info: deadpool848

4 years ago#15
1st Gen: Sabrina (Psychic = OP)
2nd Gen: Whitney (THAT F$%^ING MILTANK)
3rd Gen: Winona (Had trouble with the Altaria)
4th Gen: Fantina (None were particularly Hard, I jsut didnt have any super effective on ghost moves at the time.)
5th Gen: Elesa (For some reason I always have trouble with Emolga)

User Info: iron_defense

4 years ago#16
1: Sabrina
2: Whitney
3: Noman
4: Fantina (platinum version)
5: Clay
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User Info: fluvr305

4 years ago#17
IMHO only Brawly gave me a challenge :( idk why not even Sabrina was that hard

User Info: petemidnight13

4 years ago#18
fluvr305 posted...
IMHO only Brawly gave me a challenge :( idk why not even Sabrina was that hard

Did you play the original Red and Blue or the remakes?
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User Info: spooky96

4 years ago#19
Gen 1: Misty

Her Starmie gave me a lot of trouble. Why? Because I picked Charmaleon.

Gen 2: Whitney

No explanation needed.

Gen 3: Wattson

Had nothing, had to start the game again and pick up Mudkip.

Gen 4: Crasher Wake

A hell of a lot trouble, don't remember why though.

Gen 5: No one. Everything was easy.

User Info: Aorokusho

4 years ago#20
Gen 1: Sabrina. Honestly, none of the Gym Leaders ever gave me a hard time, but Sabrina had top-notch Pokemon that could actually do tremendous damage.

Gen 2: Whitney/Clair: I ALWAYS chose Cyndaquil, meaning I would always be beaten by rollout and I would always get beaten by Dragonbreath and Surf. Nowadays I keep a balanced team so I never have problems with gym leaders.

Gen 3: Tate and Liza. Especially if you have Emerald because their teams get revamped. Definitely was not used to the Double Battle concept and their psychic types (with other potential deadly secondary types) were actually challenging to beat.

Gen IV: Volkner (pre-Platinum): An electric type gym leader with only 2 electric types with others that supplements its weakness to ground makes this battle somewhat difficult. Although none of the Gym Leaders in this were particularly difficult to beat.

Gen V: Drayden: Hard hitting Dragon Types that can sweep your team if not prepared.
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