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The Dream World?

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User Info: Hemerukio

4 years ago#1
Anyone else hoping they keep the Dream World or something similar? It's some really fun side content, and makes the games and community feel more lively than it obviously already is.

My only issue is how they're going to change the Dream World to make it work, since they obviously won't just scrap it...
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User Info: TherianReturns

4 years ago#2
Scrap em

More pokes available through in-game alone pls
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User Info: stranksy

4 years ago#3
TherianReturns posted...
Scrap em

More pokes available through in-game alone pls
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User Info: JoJoX200

4 years ago#4
Tbh, I hope they don't do something like DW again. It was fun one time, maybe, then it just got tedious. Especially, because it apparently required a quite fast connection to even work properly(from my own experience at least) and it's consuming time I'd rather use to play the game itself.

In short, I really hope, DW pokemon get a role in the games themselves to make it less tedious - like in BW2 for example. Not to mention the 3DS can be used for community activities anyway, if I recall correctly. I'd rather have more online features inside the game rather than a website that's no fun and frankly never had a 'community feel' for me anyway.
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