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The good guys won today, Smoron is pretty much dead and no more hacked Pokemon..

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User Info: SpikeTbear

4 years ago#91
"Smoron" doesn't hack Pokemon. Even if it was dead, it has absolutely nothing to do with hacked Pokemon. It just gives moveset suggestions that you don't even have to follow if you don't want to.

DutchKraken posted...
Another is the GTS, I had a very annoying time finding a Zorua back then, and finally found one for a decent trade, but I had to go through a series of lv9 Reshiram/Zekrom. At least make it that the only options appear, are those that have requirements you can meet, the game can instantly scan if you have a lv9 Reshiram or lower and then if you don't have it, that person will not be appearing in the list. GTS, fixed...

I'm not sure if this annoys me more, or when people post Pokemon that aren't even the correct species, but are showing up as that species anyway. I did, however, like the GTS exploit where I could evolve all of the trade evolutions. That was awesome, since I have no one to trade with except the aforementioned unreliable GTS.
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User Info: KittenLina

4 years ago#92
As long as they ban hacked pokes, that's good news.

I used to competitive battle in real life but when it moved to online it just went to hell, and was ruined for me. Hackers suck, no matter where it is.
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User Info: Hamiwiful

4 years ago#93
Let's put this in this way.

Hack/Ilegal: Pokémon with abilities they can't learn (like Spiritomb with WonderGuard) or with more than 510 Evs total, also, more than 255 EVs in one stat.

That is what they should ban, People like me, who, since Gen4 started playing, got really annoyed with that, getting a full team with the right IVs, Nature and Ability was a pain in the ***, it can took you months to get a full team, Pokesav and Pokegen came to make this "easy", sure, the Pokémon aren't from the games, BUT, they are under the law of the game, they don't exceed the 510 EVs total, no more than 255 EVs in one stat, no Wondertombs, no SherrCold in a Infernape.

Stuff like "Hidden Power" that requires certain IVs to get a type and power too, you can get a Perfect Jolteon for example, but my Jolteon uses Hidden Power Ice, but as I got it with 31 IVs in everything, it has a Dark Hidden Power, and I don't need that.
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  3. The good guys won today, Smoron is pretty much dead and no more hacked Pokemon..

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