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If you're the writer of the Pokemon anime, what will do to the series?

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User Info: emblasteon

4 years ago#21
How 'bout this?
The world is by Arceus who's like, "Man those kids were annoying." But only two things survive, Arceus...... AND MAGIKARP. It'd be like a sitcom about their life on the new planet PokeFreshStart. That'd be way better.

User Info: emblasteon

4 years ago#22
emblasteon posted...
How 'bout this?
The world is by Arceus

Sorry. I mean blown-up by Arceus.

User Info: faruway

4 years ago#23
This is what I do...

Ash meet his Dad
Dad grounded him
He went back to Pallet Town

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User Info: arcnova

4 years ago#24
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User Info: ShinMegamiLouka

4 years ago#25
I would start a world war!Every region for itself against the other and their secret weapon would be their legendary pokemons Ash would fight for kanto since he is from pallet and he will have to fight may and other friends who are fighting for other regions!

User Info: Hierarchy225

4 years ago#26
I wonder if anyone here with idea on improvements have actually written a good story..

But anyway. I'd just have it follow the manga. With its protagonist changes.
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User Info: Gaming King

Gaming King
4 years ago#27
Ash would actually catch more than a few Pokémon, they would evolve with realistic timing, he would use a mix of six from all of his pokes at any given time, with no more of this "starting over" bull****.

I'd reverse Pikachu's horrible design changes and make him cute again. He wouldn't be so overused in Ash's party and be more of a last resort, and when he battled, it would actually ne awesome. Pokémon matchups would be realistic, and Pikachu would normally roll other pokes because his level is off the chain.

No more girl-of-the-season crap. Ash's two companions would be original characters like he is, and would cease being swapped out left and right. Brock and Misty would appear frequently. Gary, May, Dawn, and others would appear sometimes. When Brock is present, he would no longer be constantly ****blocked.

All of those Pokémon who Ash is supposed to go back for will be gone back for. Pidgeot, Charizard, Squirtle, all back. No more forgotten characters. Jigglypuff would also reappear, and Ash would catch that b**** and get his marker back.

Team Rocket would have actual character development, and get back the Pokémon I haven't seen in a while... any of them they CAN get back, anyway. I don't know why I haven't seen Wobbuffet for a while, but he needs to come back. I would probably have Team Rocket actually try to go legit, but struggle to do so, and show that all happening. I might have some new team, but an original one, not one of the terrible ones from the game. (And yes, every villainous team from the games except Team Rocket has sucked.)

Finally, no more damned CGI. That crap is so stupid and unnecessary. And I would make the story a lot more coherent, have Ash actually go back to older regions and stuff, retry some Leagues, not be so amazingly formulaic. Also, more of those intense, emotional, serious episodes like I haven't seen since the Advanced era. (Granted there might have been some I simply haven't seen because I stopped watching consistently after a point.) There was one Black and White episode that tugged at my heartstrings a little bit, but it wasn't a super serious episode. Just a really cute one that was partially serious. The one about that little girl and that terribly-designed new mushroom Pokémon. Man, that was cute.
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User Info: DoctorPiranha3

4 years ago#28
Bring Misty back
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User Info: NessEggman

4 years ago#29
It would be about characters like Professor Rowan. And Drayden. And their.. .uh... adventures. It woudln't be shown on TV. Or even sold in most stores. And would have a very limited audience.

Also, tons of bug Pokemon.

I wish I was in charge of the anime :(
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User Info: PkmTrainerAbram

4 years ago#30
Hierarchy225 posted...
I wonder if anyone here with idea on improvements have actually written a good story..

But anyway. I'd just have it follow the manga. With its protagonist changes.

Stating every idea in the topic sucks but, implying the manga is good. Ok.

"Awesome guys! Team Rocket came back and it lead by some old dude wearing an ice mask. Totally awesome!!!1111"

Yeah, that's miles better than ANY idea suggested in the topic. Also, let's bash ideas, but not the execution of said ideas. I personally think that a show based on fighting robots would suck. I mean, why not just use a gun? Also, dudes wearing armor with super powers? LAME.


Ugh. I think I just head desked for real.-_-
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