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If you're the writer of the Pokemon anime, what will do to the series?

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User Info: TaticalWarrior

4 years ago#41
Make a continuity, and much less self centered episodes.
Change the battle scripts, so it won't becomes "A used X, B used Y, *explosion*, proceed till someone hits twice or three times, and declare a winner".
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User Info: ErroneousNick

4 years ago#42
Replace it with an animated version of the Adventures manga. S**t is dark yo.

User Info: SgtCashmere

4 years ago#43
I would scrap the whole, "[I]< Insert Pokémon name here >[/I], dodge that attack!" battle technique. It always annoys me that Trainers in the anime can order their Pokémon to dodge attacks. You can't do that in the games, plus it makes no sense. Are you telling me that a Pokémon faced with fire, razor leaves, water blasts, thunderbolts, etc. has the capability to dodge that stuff? And chooses to only exercise that capability if, and [i]only[/I] if, its Trainer commands it to?

Puh-leeze. T_T"

User Info: Kumori_no_Yoru

4 years ago#44
I'd just go for an adaptation of the manga.
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User Info: DMZapp

4 years ago#45
-there would be an episode that focuses on and explains why Ash never gave up, even having lost five major championships
-Ash would lose the penultimate match of the league against a malicious trainer, standing up from a "winner take all" attack...but then, it would turn out the trainer cheated, and so Ash would get to go on to the finals.
-Ash would then win the Gen 6 Championship by the skin of his teeth.
-Instead of going home immediately, the XY series instead ends on Ash deciding to stay in Kalos for a litle bit longer, giving a "And the adventure continues!" ending

-The Gen 7 series would then begin with a new protagonist with a slightly different personality (less hot-headed, believing people can change, totally confident in himself, and having these beliefs challenged through the series), whose first Pokemon is the most marketable starter of Gen 7.
-He would be joined by a young man and a girl with the other starter Pokemon
-Actual heart is put into the story, so when a lesson is given out, the show really means it
-The main protagonist loses to 2 of the 8 gym leaders the first time fighting them, #3 and #8
-The evil team of the Gen 7 region serve as antagonists, with two specially-designed Team Grunts as the main emissaries/representative antagonists
-there would be other one-shot and multi-part antagonists too, and the same goes for friends
-the main protagonist gets overconfident, dangerously so, and loses the semifinals of the Gen 7 league because of it

-depending on reception of this rhetorical Gen 7 anime, the show would either continue with the Gen 7 protagonist, return to Ash Ketchum's viewpoint, or make up a new hero for Gen 8
-even if the Gen 7 hero was focused on for another generation, he would be replaced anyways by Generation 9
-to make up for this, the Gen 7 hero would win the Gen 8 Championship, and continue adventuring with his friends.
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User Info: hikaru_beoulve

4 years ago#46
Actual story arcs. Have Ash stop abandoning his Pokemon after every region. Let him actually win. Have him show actual character growth.

After Ash wins, obviously he wouldn't be suited for a protagonist. So it's time to bring in new people! Don't let the new guy win for a few seasons, and once he makes it past the Elite Four, he faces Champion Ash.
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