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Are you Team Aqua or Team Magma?

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User Info: SH076UNNER

4 years ago#1
Are you Team Aqua or Team Magma? - Results (205 votes)
Team Aqua!
54.63% (112 votes)
Team Magma!
45.37% (93 votes)
This poll is now closed.
I like Team Aqua better even though i prefer Groudon.

User Info: Tisroero

4 years ago#2
I... am for neither team.
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User Info: petemidnight13

4 years ago#3
Magma. Get rid of those annoying oceans.
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Except the noob part.

User Info: erekwashere15

4 years ago#4
I like Aqua better, cause they wear Blue, but my beliefs put me on the side of Magma.

I hate vast bodies of water that haven't been explored more than 50%.

Though I'd rather be a high ranking member of Galctic. Best team in the best region.
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User Info: RaidenHero

4 years ago#5
Team Magma but i do love swimming..

User Info: wind64a

4 years ago#6
Aqua, because they have sexier outfits.
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User Info: hotrodneptune32

4 years ago#7
Team Aqua, because then I'd be a Pirate.
(Un)Official Sephiroth of KHIII board
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User Info: Misdreavus573

4 years ago#8
Neither, they both suck.

User Info: Defender31415

4 years ago#9
Tisroero posted...
I... am for neither team.

--- LG Nuzlocke Team: Percy (Blastoise), Sora (Pidgeot), Xena (Primeape), La-Z-Boy (Snorlax), Caitlin (Kadabra)

User Info: spooky96

4 years ago#10
wind64a posted...
Aqua, because they have sexier outfits.

Aqua Admin Shelly <3
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