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Gen VI should have this kind of layout (just some ideas)

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User Info: legendxofxsky

4 years ago#1
1) we should have 18 Gym's, and have one of every type (except Dark). The 18th gym can be one of your Rivals (preferably the "evil" one.) so, you could have a "real" rival battle with some decent type/leveled pokemon.

2) have 8 elite four people, with you only having to choose 4 to battle. But each leader is a Dual Type Battler (like one is a Flying/Fighting type, while another can be a Physic/Dark user.)

Then, before you fight the champion, there are three "Gate Guardians", that use 6 pokemon each, with each using all different types, (IE, one use ground, rock, steel, dark, grass, fire) while others use the remaining 12 type. (Not saying that types can't overlap, but i would like a gym leader to use a forum of a dual typed pokemon, but the three incorporate all 18 types, for a unique battle.) Then, the Champion uses 6 Pokemon, each with unique Dual Types. (Would like to see him use unique Pokemon, preferably out-of-region Pokemon, that are hard to get, no legendaries though.)

3) we should have some Good Post-Game Materials to do. (Not just one or two, but multiple.

Ones i thought of keeping/bringing back:

Battle Frontier
Safari Zone (i like catching Pokemon, Especially only Safari Zone ones.)
Secret Bases (i'd like it to be a bit like this for SB's.)

SB: i would like it to be like how Join Avenue is, with meeting people brings them there, and you can inter-act wit them, like digging or such. But, keep that as an "Offline" type deal, but also have a Wi-Fi area where you can Visit Random/Friend Bases, and buy stuff from shops and such from other peoples places, and use them as your own, and etc.

Secondary Thought on SB: or, if the 1st idea isn't feasible, i would like a Wi-Fi Version of a Huge SB island, underground mechanism, where everyone on there can make there own bases on one island, and can interact with one another (although this could cause lag and such, unless they had dedicated servers to host it)

Third Thought on SB: if the second thought was/is to complex, maybe, or possibly, we could have "worlds" of secret bases, and have limits on how many people can join each "world." Or maybe, you could have your own "little world" and have people join it, such as just friends, and play a long Together.

Overall, i think this could/would be a nice ideal situation if it happened.

Please discuss about this, and share the Pro's and Con's of this, as i would like to see what you think.

I welcome constructive criticism, but not stupidity.

User Info: killerlol702

4 years ago#2
Only idea I agree with is 3. Making more gyms and having Elite 8 wouldn't work out.

User Info: bd43

4 years ago#3
killerlol702 posted...
Only idea I agree with is 3. Making more gyms and having Elite 8 wouldn't work out.

Sure they would, it just may not add enough for anyone to care or respect the changes.

A big issue with, say, 18 gyms is making a region big and diverse enough. Can it be done? Yes. Should it be done? God no, not with the mechanics currently as they are.

I'd support a small bump to the E4. But unless the game is challenging and involving to begin with, who cares? Black and White were the worst about this, absolute garbage at providing a challenge outside of the last two fights. Adding another 4 E4 members wouldn't change this(through the first run).

Now. 10 gym leaders could probably work - The games couldn't hurt to be extended, and you could manage 10 types and having the E4 members run 2 types while the Champion runs a wild team. And having 18 gyms could work in a game with 2 regions. But requiring 18 gyms before the E4 would just be obnoxious and wouldn't work unless you could take three or four at a time.

And 8 E4 members would be too reactive to slight increases or decreases.

i'd also love to gym leaders battle based on the vast number of different types of battles that exist. Single, Double, Triple, Rotation, Sky, Horde. Obviously you can only do Sky once, and Horde would have to be tailored, but you could run 2-4 of the other 3 with singles dominating plus flying sky and maybe a normal horde.
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User Info: Arne83

4 years ago#4
legendxofxsky posted...
(except Dark).

Get out!
More of a Pokemon fan than TherianReturns will ever be.
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