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X & Y 3DS LL Announced

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User Info: BerserkLeon

4 years ago#41
CakeOfLies posted...
I MAY wait a bit longer for a 3DS depending on how this looks...
Probably not though. Why can't they make a normal 3DS with this design on it too?

Because money. XL probably even costs less for them to make... I don't recall but isn't the battery roughly the same for it? and more screen size to power... lol battery life.

Ether_Sword posted...
What does LL mean? Large large? In any case, I will be buying a Y 3DS since I'm getting that version anyways and luckily I only have a normal size 3DS when I was tempted to buy a plain old XL.

Basically, yes. Large large. 2*Large makes XLarge to them. It's probably just easier for them to say or something.... Come to think of it XL would be like... "Ekuseru" which sounds like Excel... maybe they wanted to avoid confusion
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