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Here are some new ability and item ideas I want you to see.

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User Info: Duncanwii

4 years ago#1
Item Ideas:

Cat Tail: Looks like a toy Meowth Tail.
In-Game Description: The Holder Becomes Playful And May Refuse To Battle.
Effect: As long as the Cat Tail is attached to a Pokemon, that Pokemon has a 25% chance of not attacking...wait where are you going here's the good part! When an opponent hits the holder with a contact move, the Cat Tail has a 15% chance to be switched with the opponent's held item (the current item will be replaced.)

Attack Manual: Looks like a book with the symbols for Grass, Water, and Fire on it.
In-Game Description: Powers Up Level-Up Moves.
Effect: While attached, the holder gains a x1.5 boost to any moves it gained through level-up. So if a Pokemon (like say Porygon-Z) has a good level up pool, this is the Item for you!

Ability Ideas:

In-Game Description: Increases Stats When Hot Or Cold.
Effect: The Pokemon becomes immune to Fire and Ice attacks, when it is hit by a Fire attack its Attack is raised by one stage and when it is hit by a Ice attack, its Special Attack is raised by one stage.
Who Gets It: Rotom
Personal Thought: Rotom's Formes (especially Fridge Forme) could definitely have this ability.

In-Game Description: The Pokemon Is Lifted Up Into The Air, Powering Up Flying Attacks.
Effect: A heated updraft boosts the height of any Flying Type Pokemon in the battle, granting them a 1 stage speed boost. Also all Flying Type attacks gain a x1.5 increase (after STAB.)
Who gets it: Charizard, Driftblim, Volcarona
Personal Thought: Charizard might be better with Solar Power, but this is more of a Doubles/Triples ability anyway.

Dream Armor
In-Game Description: Increases Defenses While Sleeping
Effect: While the Pokemon is Asleep, Defense and Special Defense are increased by x1.5. After the Pokemon wakes up, the boosts last for one more turn, then disappear.
Who Gets It? Munna line, Munchlax Line, Drowsee line, Slowpoke Line, and Slakoth (but not its evolutions.)
Personal Thought: It's basically Eviolite but one that only works while sleeping. Spore users may think twice before putting these Pokemon to sleep however, and it makes Rest more of an option.

Mother's Instinct
In-Game Description: Is Angered If Lower Stage Pokemon Are Hurt.
Effect: If the Pokemon with this ability is switched in after, or in Double/Triple Battles is present when, a Pokemon of a lower evolutionary stage is knocked out, its Attack and Special Attack is increased by 1 stage each.
Who Gets It: Kangaskhan, Mandibuzz, Liligant, Jynx, Nidoqueen.
Personal Thoughts: This ability becomes useless on Kangaskhan if it doesn't receive a baby form. However, Kangaskhan was just too perfect a candidate for this ability. Also note that all of the Pokemon who receive this ability are female-only.

In-Game Description: This Pokemon Has A Fight-Or-Flight Response.
Effect: When hit by a Super Effective move, the Pokemon will do one of two things. It will either raise its Attack by two levels, or it will switch itself out with another Pokemon and be unable to be switched back in until after your opponent's next turn. If it is your last Pokemon, the Pokemon becomes confused instead.
Who Gets It: Stantler, Sawsbuck, Rapidash, Zebstrika, Virizion.
Personal Thoughts: This ability could be a bit of a double edged sword. Depending on if the Pokemon decides to stay or flee, it could win or lose you the game. Still, I like this idea since this is what the animals that get this ability do in real life.

Well, those are my ideas, I hope you like them.
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User Info: smokinace829

4 years ago#2
Cat tail sounds overpowered. Just use trick and boom, opponent only hits 75 percent of the time. Add in status attacks, boom, you just won.
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User Info: fissionprimer

4 years ago#3
Those item ideas are broken.

The only ability i like is Dream Armor, would work great with pokemon with moves like Rest or sleep talk.
obvious sticky (;

User Info: Thepenguinking2

4 years ago#4
Attack manual is OP. The Cat tail is a nice idea.
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User Info: deadpool848

4 years ago#5
Here are some of my ideas:

Hazzard Cloak
Desc. A cloak that prevents damage from the enviroment.
Effect: Damage from Stealth Rocks, Spikes, and Weather effecs is nullified, holder does not get poisoned from poison spikes.

Items that reduce damage from certain types.
Rubber Gloves
Desc. Gloves used to handle electric pokemon.
Effect: Halfs the damage the holder takes from electric type attacks.

Heat Sink
Desc. A metalic block that absorbs heat.
Effect: Halfs the damage the holder takes from fire type attacks.

Reflection: Evasion in sunny weather is boosted.

Sleepy: 20% chance to fall asleep on hit. 20% to induce sleep on hit.

Precision: All base power 60 or less moves cannot be evaded and bypass protect/detect.

Air Burst: When this pokemon is sent out, it removes all entry hazards.
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