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Chespin Evo LEAKED?!?

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User Info: BerserkLeon

4 years ago#131
RageKaiser posted...
BerserkLeon posted...
RageKaiser posted...
The japanese text makes it seem more believable. But who knows. We'll just have to wait and see.

Find japanese newspaper.
copy text block.
paste image, paste textblock by image.

Hey. Lets just be an ass about it. That works.

I'm just saying it's pretty easy to fake such a thing, but the image is rather fluid, believable.
And I don't believe anyone can read that tiny japanese unless they blew it up with photoshop or something better than a browser's zoom function.

User Info: BR0DE0

4 years ago#132
bobstevens23123 posted...
BR0DE0 posted...
bobstevens23123 posted...
TheGaijin posted...
Saw it weeks ago so it's very likely to be fake

this. i guess no one saw my comment earlier but these "leaks" r super old

actually, these "leaks" are from 6 hours ago...
if the super old you are considering is this
then you are wrong.
These are entirely different.

If we are going to consider these fake now because of the supposed translation saying it's fake, then it's only 6 hours old because it was made by FakemonFactory of deviantart.

Entirely different? Lmao they r 95% same. But I encourage u to spot me 10 difference in their designs. Shouldn't be that hard since they have absolutely nothing in common aka entirely different.

Well what I meant from entirely different was that the entire image is a different image, and this one wasn't considered fanart, but rather taken as a leak. The other was considered and admitted as fanart.
But I'll play your "game"
The most noticable is the difference in the head spikes.
The fanart one has long antenna like spikes, while the "leak" has three head spikes. (two for eyebrows and one for the middle of it's head.)
The "leak" has side head spikes.
The fanart has more of a wrestler helmet like shell on it's head, while the leak just has the shell on top of it's head.
The leak has a longer snout and a red nose. It's eyes are more cartoon and... lazy looking while the fanart is more menacing.
The leak has an overall darker color vibe, both in the browns and greens.
The spikes on the leak are more like whirlipede's -- nice even downwardish directional spikes, while the fanart many outward pointing spikes.
The spikes on the fanart have big ones in the middle and smaller ones on the outside, while the leak has the same size consistant throughout the shell.
The leak's arms are skinnier with bigger forearms. The fanart has bigger biceps.
The fanart has a separate tail from the body, and only consists of green, while the leak has a tail that has the brown and green on it.
The leak has four claws, the fanart has 3. The leak's feet have more spread out toes.
The fanart has more definable sections on the shell.
The leak has a definable brown stripe between the beige and the green.
The leak looks more like a pokemon
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User Info: PkmTrainerAbram

4 years ago#133
If someone wants to post a higher res image to where the text is actually readable, then do so, because until then, I'm taking the reports of the texts on it being fake as being fake itself.

Which would in no way proves that it the image is fake itself because that text could have been added just to relive the leaker some stress from his/her higher ups. Or lala trolling.
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User Info: Sebas27

4 years ago#134
I find this interesting, simply because on this board people usually have a good eye for something that's fake, dismisses it, and then the topic will fade away into nonexistence.

But here it seems most of us are on the fence with this, allowing this topic to exist awhile longer
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