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Where do you mostly play pokemon at?

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User Info: djmetal777

4 years ago#1
Where do you play pokemon the most? - Results (46 votes)
In private(In my room,At my house)
86.96% (40 votes)
Out in public(School,Restaurant,Park)
0% (0 votes)
In some sort of transportation(Car,Train,Plane)
4.35% (2 votes)
On the toliet(Pooping,Peeing,"other things")
8.7% (4 votes)
This poll is now closed.
One time i went on the toliet and started up a new leafgreen file i swear i made it all the way to brock before i was finished on that toliet
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User Info: Second_Hokage

4 years ago#2
In my closet, so no one can judge me.

User Info: Gsus_94

4 years ago#3
I mostly play pokemon while watching tv since I don't really ever play close attention to the story.
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User Info: FuneralCake

4 years ago#4
On my 3DS.
i don't want to do things. i want to not do things.

User Info: Hierarchy225

4 years ago#5
At home.
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User Info: legendxofxsky

4 years ago#6
Personally, i play on the toliet.

I know that by experince, i think of many great things and conclusions in the shower... So where is the next best place? Toliet.

They havent made a waterproof 3DS, so i can't play in the shower.

But, when BW came out, i bought it at the midnight release, and i went home to take a bathroom break when i got there.

Little did i know i got home at 12:35, but i swear before i realized i was on the toilet, my girlfriend woke up ready to go to work, at 9:30.

I then realized i stayed on the toliet for 9 hours straight, playing pokemon on the toliet.

Damn, lol.

User Info: lanelazerbeam

4 years ago#7
FuneralCake posted...
On my 3DS.

This and also usually on my bed.
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User Info: SMASHKING84

4 years ago#8
i voted 4 i like play pokemon when i do other things on the toliet lol i'm just kidding
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User Info: X_Ayumi_X

4 years ago#9
The most is at home because.... I'm at home the most?
When I'm out I play it if I can like I did at a restaurant when my friend wanted to head out and get something to eat.

While they ate, I was setting up my Join Avenue.
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User Info: erekwashere15

4 years ago#10
I play it on the toilet, only while doing "other things"
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