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What is your favorite gen?

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User Info: _Sanaki_

4 years ago#11
Generation 6 looks to be beating my current favorites, Generations 3/5. I'm not sold on it beating them yet, but in all likelihood it's going to happen, I just need to see all of the Pokemon to be sure. I'm extremely happy with it so far, that's for sure, I just hope that it continues to be as much fun as it looks to be.
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User Info: Sword_of_Dusk

4 years ago#12
Currently, my favorite is Gen 5. If I ordered them from favorite to least favorite, it goes: 5>2>4>3>1.

Gen 6 looks like it'll be my new fave though.
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User Info: dudeman514

4 years ago#13
DoctorJimmy133 posted...
Need an "All of them equally" option.

What dis guy said.
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User Info: RollerBob

4 years ago#14
Gen 2:
- felt like a real sequel, with a 2 years skip, revisiting Kanto and stuff.
- had the least problematic starters, as Meganium, Typhlosion and Feraligatr were a pure Grass, Fire and Water type, respectively. Gen 1 screwed players with Venusaur being Grass/Poison and Charizard being Fire/Flying. How are you supposed to learn the game's basis if they give you a starter that not a single type?
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User Info: James-Noraa

4 years ago#15
Big tie for 2nd and 4th for me.

User Info: Dark2

4 years ago#16
1 > 2 > 3 > 4 > 5

I guess I am old schoolboy since I watched anime in begnning.....

Oh I am still noob in Pokemon D/P and don't have other games yet...

User Info: Dark_Ixion

4 years ago#17

Loved them all, so there is very little room between them.
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User Info: CakeOfLies

4 years ago#18
6 is undetermined.
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