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That new sword pokemon made me rethink my existence.

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User Info: Balamb00

4 years ago#41
Everyone it's cool. In Gen 7 people will complain about some new inanimate object Pokemon saying they were cool with Honedge, vanilluxe and Electrode but say the new one is ridiculous.

User Info: mehmetski

4 years ago#42
just google it. its a traditional japanese thing. old artefacts coming to life when they turn 100 years old. and often they simply gain an eye.
so the design is just following the traditional idea of tsukumogami.
its not uncreative. also, the sheath looks pretty great.
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User Info: Rogue Mutt

Rogue Mutt
4 years ago#43
CM_Ponch posted...
Why are you ignoring the sheath with the face/arms?

Wait . . . so it can take its face off?

I didn't even notice that part of the design at first. It's not terrible, but I wouldn't say it's my favorite Gen VI design released so far.
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User Info: zado19

4 years ago#44
Enferolunos posted...
TruePowerSeeker posted...

Yeah using the sword's pattern and the sheath to make a second face is so uncreative.

Woah, didn't even notice that! That's super awesome. I of course noticed the face in the Sugimori art, but didn't look hard enough at the sheath when it's off Honedge, I didn't realize until you pointed it out that the lines of the sword are what forms the lines in the eyes and mouth. I just initially assumed it was part of the sheath design.

ohhhhhhhhhhhhh wow now i see it

thats pretty great
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  3. That new sword pokemon made me rethink my existence.

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