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What's the harder game to play, competitively? Call of Duty or Pokemon

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User Info: MetaDeDeDe

4 years ago#41
It depend on your skill level.

If you are great at number but have bad precision like me. It would be Call of Duty for people like me already know how to make breeding even easier. A Smergle a pass any move to any pokemon on the field Egg group. That's not the only exploit in the pokemon breeding system and there's RNG abuse to make life easier.

In Call of Duty like any other first person shooter you have to be very careful what weapon you have for you can only have one gun with some being better than other. YOu also have to make that your friend are trustworty before telling them your secret of they will just track you down before you know it. You also need precise aiming. Your ability to aim is the one of the many thing you need. If you missed a shot, you risk get shot at. You also need to make good friend otherwise you risk geting use off by the pro all of the time.

Since i am good at number, i'll say Both.

Breeding a stinch once you get two pokemon with 31 iv in two different stat with both of them at the correct nature and all you need to do is breed some more, EV train it, give it the lucky Egg and Audino Grind. It is very easy Know how to RNG abuse gg Pokemon breeding. in a pokemon battle all you ready all to do is to pick the poke that you think destroy your opponent's team the fasting. Predicting what move your opponent has and try to out predict them. However, sometime some player might odd ball their pokemon and bam they hit you wtih a move you least expect it. High Jump Kick Lucario from a lucky bredd with a Smergle or Volcarona with Hidden Ice and your dragon type for the team is done with. In Pokemon you have to come prepared with a counter attack for all surprise attack like that. If your team is trash, guess what, you are going to have to breed another team all over again. You team a team that each member can hit the weaknesses of the opponet and sit survive a nasty surprize or worse, Critical Hit, Blizzard frezzes your pokemon, and Intimate- an ability that lower your Pokemon attack end up being the only ability that most of your opponent pokemon have. Making Swords Dance not that useful. If your team are all Dragon and one Heatran, guess what, fairy type is comfirn to be Super Effective against your 5 dragon and once your Heatran is gone Sylveon will rape your team meaning you'll have to breed all over again.

They both are hard to be competitive in for both game take skill to be a good player in.
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Keep your sexist comment to yourself or just don't do voice chat if you can't

Being being a Dragon type team with Fairy type introduce and Sylveon run Hiiden Power Water on your Heatran. breed for a different team after your 5 dragon are done been raped by a Moomblasting Sylveon that came with hidden power Water instead of hidden power ground and breed for a team with a better type balence.
What do you guys think about the fairy type?
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User Info: SuperRup91

4 years ago#42
They require two completely different skill sets. COD is more about reflexes while pokemon requires thought and prediction. They are fairly unrelated. A good pokemon player might be terrible at cod and vice versa. There is no way to truly tell which one requires more skill.

User Info: I_Am_On_Fire

4 years ago#43
Depends on the system for CoD. If it's on a console, Pokemon takes more skill by a mile. Controllers are just so ridiculously gimping in FPS games that they're not even worth mentioning or thinking about in a competitive sense.

If CoD is on a PC, probably about the same or CoD is a little harder. At the end of the day, if you've got a bad reaction time, you're screwed in shooters in general, but something slower and more turn based won't present an issue.
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User Info: FuneralCake

4 years ago#44
Probably Pokemon. I've never played CoD, but I imagine that it's not difficult, due to its fanbase. Monkeys can play CoD.
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User Info: Alty1

4 years ago#45
From: InhaledCorn | #004
If you play Pokemon competitively the legit way, you need to first make the perfect Pokemon before you can even play competitively.

You'll probably hatch 10 eggs in the hope that one has perfect IVs in the important stats and passable everything else with the correct Nature and Ability. And, Arceus help you if you're using Hidden Power.

After that comes the EV training, then getting them up to lv 100.

All Call of Duty players have to do is get their guns and hop online.

Breeding and training isn't difficult. It's tedious.

Those are different things.

User Info: Melkac

4 years ago#46
lol Call of Duty!

Seriously, that game can be played by kids easily...oh wait, IT IS!
Try to let a kid play pokémon foh shissels
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