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Remember the days when Pokemon were animals?

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User Info: lVlAtlZiX

4 years ago#61
Muk is not an Animal, neither is Koffing, or w/e Mewtwo is. Plenty of non animals in Gen 1.
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User Info: MagikarpRules

4 years ago#62
First, I commend TC for the work he put, although I disagree with some of the Pokémon he labeled as non-animals.

Second, many of the responses make it abundantly clear people didn't read the freaking topic.

Third, people still freaking out over Honedge that honestly think living pseudo Pokeballs, living floating magnets or living sludge is better than a living sword are kind of amusing.

User Info: SirPierce

4 years ago#63
Expected this to be a thread trashing Honedge. I was gonna have to shank. I have wanted a possessed sword forever.

Pleasantly surprised. People just like to whine about everything.
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User Info: Celebity

4 years ago#64
Bookmarking this for the next time I have a generation-based argument with my friend. Thank you TC.
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User Info: SuperRup91

4 years ago#65
Capitan_Kid posted...
Meta289 posted...
Luigi player posted...
Dragons aren't considered animals? o_O

Dragons do not exist. They are figments of man's imagination, so no, they are not animals.

In your opinion

Man, I really hope you are trolling and don't actually believe dragons are real. It would be sad to think that in this age there are still people who think that there are giant, flying, fire breathing lizards living on earth, that have some how managed to avoid being discovered.

User Info: alatreon789

4 years ago#66
I try not to get upset about the stupid things people say online but please don't tell me people believe in dragons.(not including people who are high)
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Started: 9:56 PM 12/18/2012

User Info: LeoAleph

4 years ago#67
Gen 1: Grimer, Muk, Magnamite, Magmar, EXEGGCUTE, EXEGGUTOR, Bellsprout and his evolved forms, GEODUDE and his evolved forms, Oddish and his evol...You know, if you don't get the picture by now, you'll never get it.

Drop this foolishness like a sack of horse s***, please.

User Info: jneal57

4 years ago#68
i am gonna guess it will only kill me if i hold it....if it wants to.
meaning i can swing him around and shot stuff at people. Pokemon just got like 13.5% cooler
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User Info: Toasty_Kabal

4 years ago#69
"Rapidash is based on a Unicorn with flames coming out of it, must not be animal based"

This is what the people saying the dragons aren't based on animals sound like to me. Dragons were created independantly in many regions based on the primal fear of large cats, birds of prey, and reptiles. Something based on a combination of animals is still based on an animal in my book.
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User Info: burner001

4 years ago#70
pokemonfreak97 posted...
Alright, Gen II.

Chikorita line: They're dinosaurs; I excuse Grass-types some grassiness because they're Grass-types. As long as they're mainly animals with grassy characteristics, they're animals. Yes.
Cyndaquil line: Yes.
Totodile line: Yes.
Sentret line: Yes.
Hoothoot line: Yes.
Ledyba line: Yes
Spinarak line: Yes
Crobat: Yes
Chinchou line: Yes
Pichu: Yes
Cleffa: Goes with its evolutions as a No.
Igglybuff: Goes with its evolutions as a No.
Togepi line: Yes Togetic, MAYBE Togepi.
Natu line: Yes; clearly birds.
Mareep line: Yes.

Bellossom: No.
Marill line: Yes.
Sudowoodo: No matter which way you look at it, no.
Politoed: Yes.
Hoppip line: No; plants.
Aipom: Yes
Sunkern line: No; plants.
Yanma: Yes.
Wooper line: Yes.
Eeveelutions are always Yes.
Murkrow: Yes.
Slowking: Yes.
Misdreavus: No.
Unown: No.
Girafarig: Yes.
Pineco line: Yes.
Dunsparce: No; it's mythical.
Gligar: Yes
Steelix: No
Snubbull line: Yes.
Qwilfish: Yes.
Scizor: Yes.
Shuckle: Yes
Heracross: Yes
Sneasel: Yes
Teddiursa line: Yes
Slugma line: No.
Swinub line: Yes
Corsola: Coral IS an animal.
Remoraid line: Yes.
Delibird: Yes
Mantine: Yes
Skarmory: Yes
Houndour line: Yes
Kingdra: Yes
Phanpy line: Yes
Porygon2: It has a 2 in its name. No.
Stantler: Yes
Smeargle: Yes
Tyrogue: Yes
Smoochum: Yes
Elekid: No
Magby: Maybe.
Miltank: Yes
Blissey: Maybe
Legendary Dogs: Yes
Larvitar line: Yes
Lugia/Ho-Oh: Yes. Ho-Oh has enough bird influences that even though phoenixes don't exist, it's still an animal.
Celebi: No.

So, we have 16 guaranteed non-animals and three unknown ones. That's 16%-19% of Gen II.

Aren't Slugma and Magcargo just lava slugs and snails?
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