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Favorite move of each type?

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User Info: KyrieIrving

4 years ago#11
Normal - Tri-Attack
Fire - Eruption
Fighting - Triple Kick
Water - Bubblebeam
Flying - Aeroblast
Grass - Seed Flare
Electric - Magnet Rise
Ground - Bonemerang
Psychic - Mist Ball
Rock - Ancientpower
Ice - Sheer Cold
Bug - Signal Beam and Twineedle
Dragon - Dragon Rush
Ghost - Ominous Wind
Dark - Dark Void
Steel - Magnet Bomb

User Info: Krio Lv3

Krio Lv3
4 years ago#12
Normal - Extreemespeed
Fire - Blaze Kick
Fighting - Aura Sphere
Water - Scald
Flying - Brave Bird
Grass - Leaf Blade
Electric - Electro Ball
Ground - Drill Run
Psychic - Extra Sensory / Luster Purge
Rock - Head Smash
Ice - Ice Beam
Bug - Quiver Dance
Dragon - Dragon Rush
Ghost - Shadow Ball
Dark - Dark Pulse
Steel - Meteor Mash
Poison - Poison Tail (Needs more Attack though)
Fairy - Moon Blade (Isn't in yet :p)
Taylor Lautner - Giving me strength since the New Moon

User Info: Mr_Bossgodora

4 years ago#13
Normal: Last Resort
Fire: Fire Punch
Water: Surf
Grass: Giga Drain
Electric: Zap Cannon
Ghost: Shadow Ball
Steel: Doom Desire
Rock: Head Smash
Dark: Dark Pulse
Dragon: Draco Meteor
Psychic: Cosmic Power
Ground: Earthquake
Bug: X-Scissor
Fighting: Cross Chop
Flying: Fly
Ice: Aurora Beam
Poison: Toxic
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