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Can someone explain to me how Charizard "sucks?"

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  3. Can someone explain to me how Charizard "sucks?"

User Info: tsunamisurfer08

4 years ago#41
Lexifox posted...
fuzi11 posted...
It's the usual "It's popular so I have to hate it"

Or its fairly common weaknesses, iffy stats, a shallow movepool that doesn't work with its stats...

I've disliked that overgrown lizard since Red/Blue.
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User Info: iKhanic

4 years ago#42
slothica posted...
Bad typing, bad type distribution, and the lack of good coverage moves on the special side. Too frail to take advantage of Blaze, and is only really memorable in the sun under Solar Power, which causes the frail lizard to lose HP every turn.

Charizard just isn't that great. Awesome pokemon and one of my favorites, but sadly just not very good.

Fire/Flying being a bad typing is a myth proliferated by haters. It's actually a fairly average type, and w/o SR, it would be a good type. It only has 3 weaknesses, earthquake, spikes, and toxic spikes immunity, TWO 4x resistances, resistance to three different priority moves, and fighting resistances.

I don't get where people are coming from with this "bad special movepool arguement". If anything, Charizard suffers from 4 moveslot syndrome. Being a Fire-type able to learn Dragon Pulse is already terrific, as it gives you coverage over everything but Heatran. Since Charizard's only niche is in the sun, SolarBeam does fine as a grass type move. Focus Blast and Air Slash round it out. I'll admit those two aren't great, but Aura Sphere is extremely limited. Even Gengar and Alakazam have to resort to Focus Blast. And with Air Slash, there isn't really a better flying STAB move in the sun. Hurricane would make a good rain counter for Specs Zard, but it's next to useless in the sun.
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User Info: phoenixflame95

4 years ago#43
Bad is rather bad in general, bad abilities...stats aren't bad, but it doesnt have a big attacking stat like Moltres and Ho-oh that share the same typing...movepool isn't bad but doesn't make up for its shortcomings.
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  3. Can someone explain to me how Charizard "sucks?"

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